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Our Philosophy.

We are here to make a difference to horses and their owners around the world because every horse matters to us.

Our journey began in 2010

Our passion for whole horse health

Forageplus horse feeding service is founded on a passion for the whole horse. We care about every horse and every horse owner and have a commitment to sharing our learning journey and our knowledge with all equine owners so that they can choose the best possible care for their horses.

No matter what you do with your horse we are here to care about you, support you, teach you, search for you and help you find the path to a healthy, robust horse with whom you will share and enjoy many years of fun, success and happiness.

sarah and her horse
horse in the pasture
Training, posture, muscular & skeletal health

The whole horse

We are passionate about correct horse training for functional posture, muscular and skeletal health. We are experts in healthy hooves and environments to create correct metabolism in those tricky good doer horses. If it needs to be learnt to keep horses healthy then we keep digging until an expert around the world can give us the knowledge that we then share with you.

Scientific Forage Analysis

Looking at the forage

Central to our nutrition service is the philosophy that forage exerts a significant influence on the total diet of equines because of the huge amounts consumed. Horse feeding guided by scientific analysis and testing grass, hay or haylage is vital to ensure optimum health. This is because even though the amounts of some nutrients consumed are in milligram quantities their effect on horse health relative to their low concentration is huge.

Testing hay, haylage or grass to determine correct horse feeding related to the forage eaten is the best way to support and maintain the best health in all horses regardless of age, size or work level.

horse grazing in field
forage focused horse feeds
Intelligent Horse Feeding

Affordable, bespoke, targeted horse feeding

We believe an affordable, ‘forage focused’™ horse feeding approach is more appropriate for all horses, from those doing eventing and endurance to those prone to laminitis and skin allergies.

Although owners are often worried about low levels of minerals it can also be those minerals that are in excess which can cause imbalance. Our horse feeding philosophy takes into account not just deficiencies but also excesses.

Matched to Grass and Hay

A ‘Forage Focused’™ horse feeding approach

Often the forage fed comes from a very limited area, over time imbalances accumulate and horses may start to suffer bouts of trouble which may be attributed to other causes. For all horses, we believe the greatest performance can be achieved through our forage focussed, balanced mineral horse feeding approach.

horse with bucket feed

Our incredible team are here for you

Sarah Braithwaite

Sarah Braithwaite

Company Director
Sarah Braithwaite, founder of Forageplus, lives in North Wales with her husband Dr Lee Proctor. She is passionate about horses, horse health, correct horse training and her riding.
Dr Lee Proctor

Dr Lee Proctor

Pharmaceutical Chemist
Lee is married to Sarah and has a PhD in organic chemistry. He is a whizz with an excel spreadsheet and has devised all the Forageplus reports for reporting forage analysis reports & information.
Dr Eleanor Kellon

Dr Eleanor Kellon

Horse Health Expert
Dr Kellon is one of a handful of experts in the field of applications of nutraceuticals for horses. She is an authority in the field of equine nutrition as well as conditions affecting performance horses.
The Performance Balancer has transformed our Warmblood Dressage gelding who struggled at competitions and training. Now he is able to keep his strength and energy to excel to the best of his ability.
David Walsh Review
David Walsh
London, UK
It’s so hard to find a balancer suitable for good doers that have a history of or are vulnerable to laminitis, my balancer from Forageplus is great! Matched to the common deficiencies in my grass & hay.
Astrid Sorensen Review
Astrid Sorensen
Oslo, Norway

Transparent about our products.

horse feed no molasses
horse feed no soy
horse feed non gmo
no fillers no bulking agents
horse feed no additives
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