Digestive Health

Supporting your horse digestive health is key to maintaining a healthy horse and optimum equine performance.

Digestive Health for Horses

The equine digestive system is complex both in anatomy and physiology.  Domestication by its nature, and the unnatural demands we place on the horse, mean that their digestive systems can be prime candidates for harm.

Just about everything we do from too much to too little exercise, stress, jumping, prolonged cantering and galloping, travelling, sporadic feeding, parasite exposure through over crowding of pasture, water deprivation and large consumption of dried forage has the potential to influence the digestive tract.

We can try to make the domestic environment resemble the one horses evolved to live in but most people do not own several hundred thousand acres of land for their horse to roam in. It is little surprise then that many horses living in modern domestic stabled or even small pasture environments have digestive tract problems.

Here at Forageplus we believe that by supplementing with the right ingredients you can help support ideal stomach and gastric health, intestinal function, digestive efficiency and a proper nutritional balance and have a healthy horse living in a domestic environment.

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