Immune Support

How to best provide immune support for horses and the best supplement for horses immune system is a very common concern for horse owners who need to support skin, lungs and the general well being of horses.

immunity supplement for horses
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The health of the immune system is dependent upon having the basic raw materials it needs to function – nutrients.

Hydration, calories, protein/amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin and mineral status all influence immune function. These are the fuels and also regulate and orchestrate right down to the level of DNA.

This basic nutrition which in turn will create a natural equine immune booster matched to the grass, hay or haylage the horse eats must be the first part tackled to develop and maintain a robust and resilient immune system. There is nothing that will substitute for inadequate levels of a basic nutrient. Their jobs in signalling between cells, forming antibodies and cytokines, and protecting the immune system cannot be bypassed by any herb, isolated other nutrients, drug or vaccines. Nutrition must come first and then immune supplements for horses can looked at after.

When looking to provide equine immune support, consider first the basic diet and then move on to adding in extras. In our experience when you match to the grass, hay or haylage eaten you will be entering into the realm of covering the basics. Cover the basics and then a whole load of issues seem to resolve and you can without trying provide an immune booster for horses.