Take a look at our below article where you can click through to view the products that are sorted by their benefit to your horse, from laminitis prone, digestive health, joint support and much more!

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Showing 1–16 of 54 results

Horse Digestion

View our range of supplements that support the horse digestive system and horse stomach. From our newly formulated Gut Plus balancer to more commonly known favourites such as yea sacc, ration plus and more. Take a look at the full range of horse digestive supplements here.


Are you looking for a horse immune system booster? browse our full range of horse immune system supplements, from our Immune Plus, APF or high quality individual vitamins. View our full immune boosting range here.

Liver Function

We believe that liver support should centre around a forage focussed diet matched to grass, hay or haylage. We have a range of minerals and to support liver health and some other useful detox protocols. Check out our range of products to support the horse liver here.

Lung Support

Horse lung supplements should provide minerals and vitamins to support healthy function and create resilient and strong horse lung health. You can view our full range of horse lung support products here.

Laminitis Prone

Management of the laminitis prone horse should focus on a low iron, low sugar, high fibre diet matched to the vitamins and minerals in grass, hay or haylage. Whether you are looking for a mineral balancer matched to forage, or additional helpful supplementation, we will have some to help your laminitis prone horse here.

Hoof & Skin Health

We have a number of useful supplements and nutraceutical’s to help support and maintain your horses skin and hooves. Minerals and nutrients matched to grass and hay will be the best option for your hoof and skin health needs. Check out and hoof and skin health range here.

Joint Health

Looking to provide comfort to an elderly horse? or perhaps a performance horse who is jumping, galloping and doing athletic movements such as dressage, eventing, endurance and racing. Take a look at our range of horse joint support supplements here.

Ligaments & Tendons

Whether your horse is recovering from a ligament tear or you are looking to support and maintain overall ligament and tendon health, Forageplus has a range of products to suit your needs. Browse our range of supplements for supporting and maintaining horse ligaments and tendons here.

Muscles & Topline

Failure to build muscle or loss of muscle mass? Muscles have high tone even at rest? or perhaps your horse has muscle discomfort on palpation? whatever your issue may be, we have the knowledge and support to help. Take a look through our range of products for supporting and building horse muscles here.