Horse Feed Balancer Winter
Hoof & Skin Health Balancer | Winter
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Hoof & Skin Health Balancer | Winter

£13.30£300.25 or subscribe and save 5%

Formulated for superior hoof and skin health using data obtained from scientific analysis of our many samples of forage.

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This ultra-low iron, equine balancer has been formulated for superior hoof and skin health using data obtained from scientific analysis of our many samples of forage. It contains only the commonly deficient minerals, vitamins and amino acids found to be needed to help develop optimum hoof and skin health.

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In addition, we have formulated our product so that it is the ultimate balancer covering all your horse’s other needs as long as he/she is on a forage-based diet and in maintenance, light or moderate work.

All Forageplus Balancers are powders, are very low in sugar and starch, contain no fillers and only the highest purity minerals and vitamins for the lowest iron formulation. The minerals used are of high quality to ensure against contamination with heavy metals and enable good absorption rates.

Forageplus Balancers can be carried in a high fibre, fast soak feed or chop of your choice. If your horse is on a reduced grass or hay/haylage only diet then Forageplus Winter Hoof & Skin Health Balancer is perfect as it contains high levels of vitamin E to maintain antioxidant processes to help neutralise against free radicals in the body. We add this to our full range of winter balancers.

Forageplus recommends the feeding of additional micronised linseed throughout the winter months or if a horse is on a predominantly hay/haylage diet. This will ensure good levels of the essential fat omega 3 to maintain and support excellent health.

“Can’t believe this product, the minerals, protein and vitamins in this product are top notch and have resulted in amazing changes to my horse’s hooves, stronger, great looking white line, a new angle, strong frogs and hoof wall.  Best of all the itching my horse had which I just thought I had to deal with has gone, WOW thanks Forageplus for your forage focused approach, it makes such sense RESULT!” V.A. Bennett, Derbyshire

Forageplus Winter Hoof & Skin Health Equine Balancer matches nutrients to the forage consumed by a horse. Supplying correct levels of nutrients in forage, as matched to ratios determined by the National Research Council, is an important consideration when maintaining and supporting:

  • healthy structurally sound, crack and brittle free, robust hooves with a strong laminae connection
  • healthy frogs
  • healthy skin
  • vibrant, shiny coat colour
  • robust tendons, ligaments and joints
  • a strong immune system
  • healthy muscles
  • healthy nerves
  • healthy lungs and breathing
  • a well functioning metabolic system
  • good fertility and bone
  • a healthy digestive system
  • strong liver function
  • healthy joints
  • good growth in young horses

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We also stock a summer version in our hoof and skin range for when there is plenty of green forage available in your horse’s diet.

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This product is particularly useful for those unable to take forage samples for analysis or those wishing to add further products from a base that contains no iron or manganese but good levels of copper, zinc and magnesium.


Micronised Linseed, Magnesium Oxide, Lysine, Salt, Monosodium Phosphate, Methionine, Bioplex Copper, Bioplex Zinc, Calcium Iodate, Selenium Yeast, Vitamin E, Biotin, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Folic Acid.

Please note: our selenium free version contains the exact composition as above, excluding selenium yeast.

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Under 1% in sugar & starch combined. Free from any fillers, bulking agents or preservatives.

We only use the highest quality minerals to ensure against contamination with heavy metals, enabling high absorption rates.

We use ultra-low iron forms of monosodium phosphate and magnesium oxide in our balancers.

Read here for info on our ultra-low iron formulation

Oil 5.80%, Protein 17.35% and DE 6.70 MJ/kg (Please note these are in Kg amounts)

Every 100 grams contains:
21.17 grams of micronised linseed
12 grams magnesium (low iron magnesium oxide)
10 grams lysine
5 grams salt
5 grams phosphorous (low iron mono-sodium phosphate)
3 grams methionine
1200 mg zinc (bioplex)
400 mg copper (bioplex)
1 mg selenium (yeast)
2mg iodine (calcium iodate)
2000 iu vitamin E oil
30 mg biotin
100 mg vitamin B1 thiamine
100 mg vitamin B6 pyridoxine
20 mg folic acid


Please note: our selenium free version contains the exact composition as above, excluding selenium yeast.

Be aware that the above analysis for 100 grams is equivalent to elemental values fed.

The volume feed rate (100 grams) is not the same as the elemental feed rate values (above). Therefore the above figures will not equal 100 grams.

Feed Rates

Horse WeightFeed Rate
200 - 400kg75g per day
400 - 600kg100g per day
600 - 700kg125g per day
700 - 800kg150g per day
A 50ml scoop contains approximately 48 grams.


Feeding a 400-600kg horse this product should last you 50 days.

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Want to know the best way to feed our horse feed balancers? Check out our handy video, along with the best tips here.

26 reviews for Hoof & Skin Health Balancer | Winter

  1. joannna.seward (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to start this. My horse has just gone barefoot as she’s always losing shoes. She’s on plain biotin now. I’ll see the difference soon I hope!

  2. Ms Jo Smith (verified owner)

    My horse, Harris, has always had feet which were on the poor side of OK – not terrible, but he didn’t produce good , strong growth and often lost shoes. I had always fed a broad spectrum multi vitamin and never used a hoof-specific product.
    In January 2020 he had surgery to remove a hoof keratoma, which left him with a circular hole approx 4cm diameter in his hoof wall. I needed a product which would encourage fast, strong hoof growth and Forage Plus was suggested.
    Six months on and Harris is growing hoof faster and stronger than ever. My farrier has been amazed at the improvement and the hole in his hoof is now only about 1cm from being completely grown out.
    I’m confident his recovery time would not have been as quick without the balancer.

  3. Juliabrant (verified owner)

    Really cost effective, with great results. Coat colour became richer and more depth of tone, hoof growth tightened up after introducing this product several years ago. Positive results seen on all 3 of my horses when put on this product.

  4. Lachlan Phillips (verified owner)

    Was recommended this product via an equine nutritionist to help my horse.
    I am really happy with this balancer, the fact that no trigger ingredients are inside, and my horses condition rapidly improved after starting it.

  5. kezshad (verified owner)

    My cob mare has been on this for a while now. She is clipped year round and was very scurfy all the time. This year, I’ve not noticed any scurfy and I can only put that down to the forageplus balancer. Her feet are great and she has a wonderful shiny black coat too.

  6. GreyConnie (verified owner)

    Before the hoof and skin balancers my pony’s hooves regularly disintegrated and his shoes fell off! Since he went barefoot and we have been using these balancers his hoof quality is so much better. Even his farrier is impressed – and says so!

  7. kezshad (verified owner)

    My cob mare has been on this for a while now. She is clipped year round and was very scurfy all the time. This year, I’ve not noticed any scurfy and I can only put that down to the forageplus balancer. Her feet are great and she has a wonderful shiny black coat too.

  8. Nikkiandcassie30 (verified owner)

    My horse literally glows on forage plus!
    She has the summer balancer in summer and the easy pack meadow hay!
    I’m so pleased with her health!

  9. Tricia Callow (verified owner)

    My horse had never had good feet – brittle, breaking and always losing shoes. He’d been on other additives for hooves for most of his life. I replaced these AND another general additive with Hoof and Skin Health Winter Balancer and geronimo! within a couple of months, even my farrier (professional, cautious, pessimistic) had to admit that there was a remarkable improvement in his feet. He also needs smaller amounts of expensive feed and is full of energy mostly on hay, un-molassed chaff and a little sugarbeet. See also my review of Hoof and Skin Health Summer Balancer which I swap to when he is out on grass for half the day.

  10. Ciaramunn (verified owner)

    Fantastic product that I would be lost without. It is a must for the wet winter months. Not only is there a huge difference in my horses hooves, his skin and coat have been shining all winter.

  11. Tina Binnås (verified owner)

    The best, most balanced minerals I’ve found that complements our forage the best, has made a big difference in my ottb’s hooves and coat

  12. Amanda Morriss (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. Took my mare barefoot about a year ago and switched to this balancer. The change in her hooves has been incredible. Fantastic advice from Forage Plus and super speedy delivery service. Highly recommended.

  13. Damelza Storbeck (verified owner)

    I’m loving this product! It was recommended to me by my barefoot trimmer and having had her recommendation and then read the reviews here for it to I made my first purchase with a degree of confidence. I’m on my third order of it and already in that space of time my horses look amazing, their coats gleam with health (despite the moulting!) and their hooves are stronger and healthier than before. Thrilled that my financial investment is proving to be a sound one reaping dividends in terms of the health and well-being of my horses.

  14. Charlotte Thomas (verified owner)

    Really pleased to have found a barefoot friendly balancer that my horse finds palatable. I’ve spent a fortune on balancers that sound ideal for him, but he would not eat them. A week in on Forageplus Hoof and Skin Health Winter Balancer and he’s wolfing down each meal with the added treat of the Timothy Hay Pellets.
    One happy owner and horse.. Thank you!

  15. Lyndsi (verified owner)

    I purchased this and started feeding straight away about 4 weeks ago after coming to the conclusion that my horse maybe has a copper/zinc deficiency. Someone had recommended Farriers Formula but the spec doesn’t compare and I knew I had to pull in some bigger guns. In about 6 months he had barely grown any hoof and my farrier had commented a few times that his feet weren’t particularly strong like they used to be. He also didn’t shed out his entire winter coat (he still had what I call spring fuzz) and it was June! His mane and tail also looked very flat, frizzy, and dry, and had a few other peculiar things going on. After feeding this, I started seeing minor changes at week 2.5 when I noticed that my boy suddenly had pigmentation back around his lips and last week my yard owner said he thought my boy’s coat was looking both darker and brighter. I’ve also noticed he has been shedding out suddenly which he shouldn’t be doing at summer solstice but to me is a sign that this is working as I too, have noticed that he is starting to show his usual deep, dark liver Chestnut summer coat (in splotches but something is better than nothing). Not sure if related but my farrier took off quite a bit of foot growth the other day as well which he hasn’t been able to do since the fall of last year (I keep him on a 5/6 week cycle and 6 weeks ago we had zero growth meanwhile not much has really changed in terms of feed/forage). I was previously feeding him just the vit e oil (natural) from FP and although this contains some vit e, will be introducing at a much higher dose as he is an EPM horse so and did fantastically well on it over the winter (even my vet could not believe the change in him with just the vit e so I hope that combined, this will give him what he needs).

  16. Sarahjane Ford (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for six months now across a few different horses and they have all thrived on it – coats looking fabulous, feet strong and healthy through some major weather changes.

  17. victoria ashby (verified owner)

    After trying other balancers and struggling, once pony had sadly been diagnosed with ems i needed to know he was getting all he needed due to no grass! forage plus guided me completely and pony has never refused it! it’s so vital that he actually eats it, his coat is rich, hoof quality is improving and most importantly he is losing weight. Ems is such a stressful condition so to have the peace of mind that he’s getting everything he needs after a complete lifestyle change is just priceless and incredibly comforting

  18. Donna Skitmore (verified owner)

    On the recommendation of my trimmer, I swapped both my Welsh section a ponies onto this product. One of my ponies has always struggled with soft soles and very flat slopping feet. After 6 weeks I can’t believe the difference! she is noticeably happier to stride forward on most grounds and you can already see the new hoof growth which is following a much better angle. Can’t wait to see how this product continues to improve my ponies feet.

  19. Carrie Place (verified owner)

    I am feeding this to my Cob Pony after trying many different methods to help his skin. In summer it’s midges & sweet itch. Winter, he has normally had rain scald. But this year he has been without it for the first time. Along with feeding a balanced diet from having my hay balanced. Really happy with the support given & so is my pony

  20. Beth Stanway (verified owner)

    Pony on this linseed and just a small amount of grass nuts. He looks great and has just the right amount of energy. Brilliant to be able to keep him super healthy and sane at the same time.

  21. Philippa Bedingfield (verified owner)

    Great product! I have been using this for more than 3 years with great results. I have taken 2 OTTBs and an older Welshie, who’d been shod all his life, barefoot. They all have super strong feet and hack for 10-20 miles each week on roads and tracks – the difference in hoof growth can be clearly seen after a couple of months of starting this product. Beautiful shiny coats are a bonus.
    Ordering and delivery easy and quick,
    Thank you.

  22. Heather Warburton

    Complete confidence In Forage Plus Supplements, my horses look fabulous, After years of feeding the Balancer, I had an Forage Analysis done and now have tailor made supplementation and diet plan, I have to say it is saving me so much wastage and over feeding.

  23. Pam

    Excellent product. Easy and fast to feed. No standing around for hours waiting for huge feeds to be eaten. It kept my horses in full fettle and gleaming all winter.

  24. Susan Watta (verified owner)

    Seen a marked improvement in my boy since swapping to this post laminitis. His hoofs have definitely improved and his coat was dreadful before and that too has improved immensely. Really glad I made the email enquiry and took their (FP) advice!

  25. Karen Smith

    Following a ForagePlus feed plan as my horses weren’t quite right. Hoofs have changed dramatically for the better over the 2 year period as we optimise and re evaluate. Hoof and skin as we try to reduce scurf. My horses find most of the supplements palatable too.

  26. Rebecca Jones

    I used this with my horse for the first time over the winter and into spring and what a huge difference I found. Highly recommend it for a winter balancer.

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