Liver Support

Liver support for horses should centre around nutrition matched to grass, hay or haylage to provide minerals to develop a robust and healthy horse liver.

Liver Support for Horses - Forageplus

The horse liver is an organ that is usually described as part of the digestive system but its functions extend far beyond that. It is estimated that the equine liver performs in the neighbourhood of 500 distinct functions.

The liver is classified as both an organ and a gland and is the largest internal organ. It is also the only tissue that has any significant ability to regenerate itself.

Basic nutrition matched to the grass, hay or haylage the horse eats must be the first part tackled to develop and maintain a robust and healthy liver.

Copper is commonly at poor levels in grass and hay and is impacted by high levels of iron and manganeses in many forages. It is worth realising that strict mineral balancing is a possible path to liver health. Reducing the exposure to high iron in the diet by raising anti-oxidant minerals copper and zinc will support healthy liver function.  

A forage analysis is usually very helpful in determining the amount of copper and zinc needed to correct high exposure to the antagonist mineral iron.

Forgageplus stock a variety of products to promote liver resilience.

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