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The Forageplus Affiliate Programme

10% Commission | 30-Day Referral

The Forageplus Affiliate Program offers a competitive way to turn your social media channels or your website’s traffic into legitimate revenue.

Promote a brand with a unique philosophy that produces some of the highest quality horse feeds and supplements available on the market. From our top-selling Hoof & Skin Health Winter Balancer to our Topline Plus and Digestive Supplements.

Requirements for Acceptance: Applicants must have an established website and/or social media following with over 5,000 followers or you may be a registered farrier. No coupon or offer sites. Each application will be reviewed within 72 hours.

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Common affiliate queries answered.

Affiliate Programme FAQ's

Once you have been accepted onto the Forageplus Affiliate Programme, you will receive a rate of 10% on all horse feed balancers and equine supplements.

To qualify for our affiliate programme you will need to have either of the following:

  • Social media following of 5,000 +
  • A website or personal blog with verifiable traffic

Registered farriers without a website or social media channel are also encouraged to apply.

The Forageplus affiliate programme cookies will be in effect for 30 days. Any purchase made within 30 days will qualify as a successful referral. 

The most recent referral before the purchase is made will qualify for the affiliate fee, older referrals will not apply.

Yes, our analysed horse feeds (hay pallets, oats, hay pellets), clothing & kit categories do not apply within the affiliate programme.

The only supplements that are not included in the affiliate programme are the following:

  • APF, APF Pro, Ration Plus

Yes! Forageplus will provide the same 10% commission on any future orders that the referred customer places.

Forageplus will pay your earnings directly into your bank account.

We pay you quickly. Affiliates will receive their earnings in 3-7 days.

You will be required to pay any transfer or conversion fees for all payments made to you by Forageplus.

You can view an example of expected charges on affiliate pay-outs below.


Payouts Example

The full terms & conditions.

Affiliate Programme Terms & Conditions

General Terms


Financial transactions covered by this insertion order will be processed in the GBP currency. Currency exchanges will occur when you or your partner(s) have set a different default currency in account settings.

Change Notification Period

The insertion order can be changed or cancelled with 1 day(s) notification to the media partner.

Reversal Policy

Reversal of performance advertising actions are decided by the Advertiser governed by a max reversal percentage of 100%

Tracking Pixel

Advertiser allows media partner to fire their tracking pixel when the consumer action is completed.

Paid Search Terms

Bidding on Forageplus brand and trademark names or their misspellings or variations is prohibited. Search terms must all be generic. For example, “Topline Plus” would be a restricted term. However, the search term “Horse Feed Balancer” would be allowed. In addition, all affiliate PPC ads must go to a landing page owned and operated by the affiliate. No PPC ads are allowed to go directly to Forageplus web properties.

Copywriting Terms

Medical claims for any product is strictly prohibited.

Disclosure Policy


In order to ensure that Forageplus maintains its reputation and high standards, please abide by the following guidelines when posting about or in affiliation with Forageplus, our brands and our products:

1. Disclosing Your Connections:

a. If you receive a product for free, are given an incentive to review a product or receive any other financial or service-based compensation, always disclose that information when reviewing, discussing or endorsing Forageplus, its brands or its products (positively or negatively!) b. A general disclosure on your blog biography page is not enough! (see below for more placement detail) c. NOTE: According to the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority), any violations of these disclosure rules may result in a fine for both the contributor as well as the company.

2. Writing Your Content: The FTC Guidelines

a. Placement: Even in a time or space-constrained ad or promotion, the disclosure must be physically close to the statement or endorsement and in a font or form that stands out from the background and is easy to read or hear, as applicable. i. The placement must be more than “#ad” or “#sponsored” or similar posting. The disclosure must be obvious to the viewing/ listening audience. b. Distinction: Disclosures must be easily understood, prominent and viewable on any device, and not buried within a web page. Make sure that it’s clear even on a mobile device! For example, postings must be made above the break (i.e. before the “more” hyperlink often found on social media). c. Platform: Disclosure is required even for audio/video claims and endorsements in the same clear and conspicuous way as expected for written media. Written disclosures should be in a font that stands out from the background and is easy to read. Video disclosures should be on the screen long enough so that is easily read noticed and understood. Audio disclosures should be read in a way that is easy to follow so that listeners can understand, including at a volume and cadence sufficient for a reasonable consumer to hear and understand it. d. REMEMBER: i. An endorsement in one post followed by disclosure in the second post is NOT enough. ii. Each disclosure must be made in the SAME post as the endorsement—A general disclosure located on the sidebar or elsewhere on the site is inadequate. iii. When in doubt: always disclose! – for further information visit the CMA here.

3. Promoting Your Post:

a. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., the same disclosure requirements still apply. b. When in doubt, include “#promo” or “#sponsored” in your promotion post and if your space is limited, “#ad” is also acceptable.

4. Promoting Your Post:

a. Do not make claims about a product that cannot be substantiated. Only make statements about your own horse/pony(s) use and experience with the product. i. Though you may experience multiple benefits to a given product, it is very important that you only speak to your experiences that are similar to claims that are made on either the side of the bottle or the product’s landing page on in line with the VMD’s requirements. ii. There should be no mention of curing, preventing, mitigating, or treating any diseases or ailments (i.e. laminitis, Cushing’s, or chronic pain).

5. Receipt & Acknowledgement:

Failure to comply with the Forageplus principles and guidelines will result in removal from the Forageplus Affiliate Program and termination of the official company contract. For more information on the extent of the VMD guidelines beyond the scope of your relationship to Forageplus, see the following site:

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