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  • Fully Analysed Welsh Meadow Hay
  • 5.7% ESC & Starch, As Fed.
  • 10.6% Protein
  • Conveniently Packaged
  • Dust Extracted*
  • Nationwide Delivery

A low sugar and starch hay with a combined ESC and Starch content of 5.7%, as fed.

This would be considered suitable for even the most sensitive of horses. Soaking should be avoided.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping for our hay pallets is NOT free.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

  • We will promptly contact you after ordering to arrange payment & ensure a seamless delivery.
  • Our Welsh meadow hay pallet is transported to you from Monday to Friday, during working hours.
  • Pallets are collected from the farm each Wednesday.
  • Shipping costs are priced per pallet.
  • We do not deliver outside of the UK.
  • Our bales are approximately 13kg in weight, with 40 bales per pallet.
  • Pallets weigh approx. 600kg and are 2.2m in height.

Welsh Meadow Hay

This is a low-sugar, low-starch, fully analysed meadow hay from North Wales.

Each bale has been individually wrapped for convenience.

This hay has a combined ESC and starch of 5.7%, as fed. This would be suitable for even the most sensitive of horses, without the need for soaking.

The hay also has a good level of protein at 10.6%.

A farmer harvesting our dust extracted meadow hay for horses.

A picture of of the bailing machine for meadow hay.

Conveniently Packaged

Each pallet contains 40 bales of Welsh Meadow Hay.

Each bale weighs approximately 13kg and is individually wrapped in recyclable packaging for ultimate convenience and protection during transit.

With easy handling and storage, ensuring the nourishment of your horses has never been easier.

Shipping Details

Shipping for our hay pallets is NOT free.

Shipping of our Welsh Meadow Hay will take 1-2 weeks. Please take this into consideration when placing your order.

To place an order, you can conveniently do so online or over the phone. While shipping costs for hay pallets are not included, we will promptly contact you to arrange payment and ensure a seamless delivery experience.

Our 40-bale Welsh Meadow Hay pallet is collected from the farm each Wednesday, with delivery made Monday to Friday, during working hours.

Two horses enjoying their low sugar meadow hay.

Sample Bales

We are pleased to inform you that we now offer sample bales of our Welsh Meadow Hay. These sample bales are available for order, allowing you to provide your horse with an individual bale to try before committing to purchasing a full pallet. This ensures that you can thoroughly evaluate the quality and suitability of our hay for your horse’s needs. These bales are priced at £6.99, with a shipping cost of £7.50.

Please contact us here if you wish to order a sample bale.

Additional Information

This meadow hay pallet for horses is particularly suitable for laminitics with a low iron level and a combined ESC and Starch content of 5.7%, as fed.

A known DE (calorie) level means that Forageplus can advise those who need to carefully manage good-doer horses who are prone to weight gain on how much to feed to maintain a healthy weight.

Equally, we can advise those with poor doers, elderly horses or those in moderate to heavy work what concentrates and what level of concentrates will be needed to match to this hay for optimum weight management and performance energy.

*This hay has been dust-extracted to remove most of the dust, however, some dust is likely to remain.

*These hay bales are not bound with straps. The hay will be loose within its outer plastic packaging.

By purchasing this product you agree to our terms and conditions. This page will also give you more information about the nature of this product and how to accept delivery.

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  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Our old EMS type pony has changed from soaked hay to the Welsh hay about 4 weeks ago. Pony has transitioned to the new hay very well and I think he’s putting condition on. It’s so nice not to have to soak anymore now the weather is getting colder. I just wish the bales were a bit bigger.

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