Horse Supplements

In addition to our Forage Focused equine balancers, we stock a wide range of horse supplements as separate minerals, vitamins and amino acids to enable our customers to create focussed supplement programmes balanced to the forage profile after scientific analysis of forage.  This focused approach is unique in that it allows you to custom pick the nutrition your horses need in their environment, for their age, work level and maintenance of health.  If you would like to find out more about this visit the About Forageplus pages.  

Forageplus Horse Supplements

We also stock a range of herbs to support your horse’s health.

If you do not see what you want then please contact us as we are always interested in expanding our range of products.

Please note that Forageplus does not advise the feeding of any mineral supplement without reference to the National Research Council’s ratios and or minimum and maximum recommended levels for horses. Supplementation of separate minerals should be done concerning forage analysis reports.  Supplementing without knowing true amounts in the total diet could be dangerous so please make sure you have asked our advice before you feed separate supplements to your horse.  We cannot be responsible for incorrect amounts being supplemented.

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