Mycosorb for Horses – A+ Equine

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Mycosorb for Horses
Mycosorb for Horses - A+ Equine £15.95£47.85 or subscribe and save 5%

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Key Features
  • Reduces mycotoxin absorption
  • Contributes to the control of mycotoxins
  • Absorbs and locks up these toxins

100% Mycosorb A+ Equine

(Inner cell wall of the yeast 1026, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Bentonite, Chlorella Vulgaris, Maize)

Feed Rates
  • Foals & yearlings – 1 x 10 ml scoop per day.
  • Adult horses in light work – 1 x 15 ml scoop per day.
  • Adult horses in moderate work and above –  2 x 10 ml scoops per day.
  • Breeding mares –  2 x 10 ml scoops per day.

1 x 10ml scoop = approx. 9 grams

1 x 15ml scoop = approx. 13.5 grams


For a 1kg pouch

  • Adult horses in light work – 74 days
  • Adult horses in moderate – heavy work – 55 days
  • Breeding mares – 55 days

For a 3kg pouch

  • Adult horses in light work – 222 days
  • Adult horses in moderate – heavy work – 166 days
  • Breeding mares – 166 days
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What is Mycosorb for Horses?

Mycosorb A+ Equine, often simply referred to as Mycosorb for horses, is a patented yeast cell wall extract for daily inclusion in horse feed.  

It is rich in glucans that are known to bind with mycotoxins. Mycotoxins can be present in pasture grass and the hay or haylage eaten by the horse.

A close up of the mycotoxin binder, Mycosorb for horses.
A field of harvested hay

Variability in weather conditions whilst harvesting forage inevitably brings challenges where forage can contain many different moulds some of which can produce many and varied mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins are produced naturally from all types of mould. There are many different known mycotoxins.

Mycosorb absorbs and locks up these toxins so that horse health can be maintained and they can be safely excreted without entering the bloodstream.

How does Mycosorb for horses work?

Mycosorb’s mode of action is supported by extensive published research and the product has been awarded several patents that protect its novel composition and proprietary production.

It is a broad-spectrum toxin-binder (including aflatoxins) and is derived from the inner portion of the yeast cell wall which contains both glucomannan and beta D-mannan combined with a small portion of alumina-silica.

There is a synergistic effect of combining these two elements and this is patented. Research has shown it is effective in amounts as low as 0.05% of the diet.

Dr. Sanja Trajkovic tests mycotoxin samples in the Alltech 37+ analytical services laboratory
An illustration of aflatoxin commonly found in equine feed and forage.

Mycosorb has also been tested specifically against aflatoxin, ochratoxin and T-2, as well as in field trials of animal performance. It has a helical or spiral structure which has an incredibly vast surface area.

One gm of Mycosorb A+ Equine has 2 hectares of surface area, therefore it works at a very low feed rate at a wide range of pH throughout the intestine and has excellent capacity to mop up high concentrations of mycotoxins, pass through the digestive system, doing its job and then exit with the manure.

Feeding Mycosorb A+ Equine reduces mycotoxin absorption in the horse and contributes to the control of mycotoxins.

Will Mycosorb affect the absorption of other minerals and nutrients?

The short answer is no. Research on mycotoxin management has shown that Mycosorb A+ Equine has a very limited ability to bind with vitamins and minerals.

You can feed this together with your other feeds and supplements with confidence, without the worry of having any undesired effect on minerals and nutrient absorption.

A healthy horse standing in the pasture.

Free from any prohibited substances as defined under Jockey Club and FEI rules.

Want to learn more about mycotoxins? Check out our article on mycotoxins here.

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15 reviews for Mycosorb for Horses – A+ Equine

  1. natalie inman (verified owner)

    This is my second pouch. The hay at our yard has been hit and miss this year, so using Mycosorb gives me peace of mind that I’m protecting my horse from potential toxins in his forage.

  2. caroline Forrester (verified owner)

    Great product and a really good price too

  3. natalie inman (verified owner)

    I’m on my second pouch for my 2 boys. I bought it because I’m treating one of them for sarcoids and thought this will help with expelling toxins to help in his recovery.
    Both horses are happy and in good health, I will always use this product from now on.

  4. Sue Insull (verified owner)

    Our horses had problems with raised liver levels, 2 the same, 1 double the others. Had vets out, luver tonic etc. Vet recommended Mycosorb and Vitamin E. Used Mycosorb for about 4 years now, wouldnt be without it, means me and my sister can relax about any mycotoxins they may come across. Brilliant product

  5. Dawn Powell (verified owner)

    My horse has suffered with liver problems, feed this as vet’s recommend it! Great delivery! Horse eats up without a problem.

  6. Claire Green (verified owner)

    An essential supplement to help prevent mycotoxins harming your horse. After my elderly horse was unknowingly fed over several days hay nuts that had started to go mouldy she was very poorly, quick veterinary action saved her life but if at the time she had been fed Mycosorb she would have had some protection, she is now fed this all year round to help provide support against the mycotoxins we cannot see.

  7. Lesley Allen (verified owner)

    Great that I can order 3kg bags. Always arrives very promptly. My horse has had problems in the past. Seems to be working. Thank you.

  8. Rhianen Godfrey-Cass (verified owner)

    Fantastic product which helps my PSSM horse massively and puts my mind at rest for my old horse that she is protected as possible!

  9. Meirwen Martin

    My mare who has several heath issues has been on this now for a year, she’s happy, I am happy…so all is good in our world.
    Great product
    Great service

  10. Rhudnags (verified owner)

    Fab product, was recommended by my vet for my mare and fed it to both my mares with a positive outcome. Delivery is also easy and super speedy

  11. Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    A brilliant product to have on stand by particularly when the weather is being strange!

  12. Teresa Hogg (verified owner)

    My mare had been hypersalivating and my vets thought it was due to toxins in the grass. Started her on the Mycosorb A+ and within a day all the slobbering had stopped. As the vets thought the problem was related to the weird weather we have been having, I will keep her on this until the weather changes!

  13. hrbacchini (verified owner)

    Another great product that addresses any mycotoxins my horses’ may ingest, especially living in The Netherlands and the amount of rainfall here.

  14. hrbacchini (verified owner)

    Another great product that addresses any mycotoxins my horses’ may ingest, especially living in The Netherlands and the amount of rainfall here.

  15. FussyMare! (verified owner)

    My fussy horse will eat it so that is something! I can’t yet comment on impact or not but tried it as a precautionary step.

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