Hoof and Skin Health Horse Balancers

Feed balancers contain essential minerals and vitamins that your horse may not be getting in its natural diet of grass and hay which is notoriously low in copper, zinc and magnesium. It is these minerals along with protein which need to be at high levels to create the buidling bocks for healthy horse hooves and skin.

Using statistical analysis of our mineral and protein data we are unique among feed companies in developing a range of balancers which target only those minerals which are deficient and blocked by the antagonistic effect of minerals like iron and manganese which are in excess. This is why our formulas are so successful.

Our balancers address the shortfall of amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are missing in grass and hay and at low levels in other feeds and horse supplements on the market. Our formulations will better support strong hooves and healthy skin with high b vitamins and biotin.


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