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Forageplus horse ligament support and horse tendon support focuses on the role of nutrition in supporting and maintaining healthy horse tendons and horse ligaments.

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Horses are athletic animals and our varied pursuits, which may ask them to move over obstacles and over varied and uneven terrain at speed, mean that tendons and ligaments can be rendered vulnerable, and perhaps lead to a horse tendon injury or a horse ligament injury or both.

Tendons and ligaments are a specialized form of connective tissue. They are the most abundant tissue type in the body accounting for over 50% of the body’s protein. They can be vulnerable to weakness yet little attention is paid to the role of nutrition in supporting and maintaining this connective tissue.

Lysine, an amino acid, is the major essential amino acid in connective tissue. Lysine is commonly at poor levels in grass and hay which account for the greatest proportion of the horses daily diet. This amino acid is an excellent horse ligament supplement that also provides the horse tendons with strength.

Copper is common at poor levels in grass and hay and is impacted by high levels of iron and manganese in many forages. Copper is needed for the formation of strong reinforcing cross-links in the structure of tendons and ligaments so levels of copper matched to the grass and hay eaten are vital for strong and resilient tendons and ligaments. Again this fed at correct levels is part of a whole host of powerful horse tendon supplements to also aid horse ligament support too.

Magnesium is another mineral at low levels in forage and impacted by high levels of calcium yet research has indicated it is important to integrity of these connective tissues.

A long athletic partnership with your horse is likely to be achieved where you look to the balance of nutrients in the diet and match this to the grass and hay eaten on a daily basis.