Alltech 37+ Mycotoxin Testing


Forageplus Alltech 37+ mycotoxin analysis for horse forage.
Alltech 37+ Mycotoxin Testing £225.00

What we test for

We will test for 54 individual mycotoxins. This is the most comprehensive mycotoxin test available from Alltech.

How long does it take?

You can expect to receive your results within 10-14 working days from when we receive your sample.

What can we test

This analysis is suitable for a wide range of forages and feedstuffs.

We do not send a physical kit for this analysis. Please wait for us to email you the instructions on how to best collect your sample and how to return this to ourselves.

Alltech’s broad spectrum lab-based mycotoxin analysis

  • Testing for 54 individual mycotoxins.
  • Assessing the Risk Equivalent Quantity (REQ) and demonstrating the potential multi-mycotoxin challenge
  • Uploading data to Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management portal
  • Generating actionable insights
A chart showing the risk equivalent quantity (REQ) for various mycotoxins.

An illustration of aflatoxin commonly found in equine feed and forage.

What are mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are a group of naturally occurring toxic chemicals that are produced by fungi. They can contaminate many different forage crops and foodstuffs, usually under warm and humid conditions. Of particular concern for horse owners is their presence on contaminated cereals, seeds, hay, grass and straw. 

Which mycotoxins are most common?

Some of the common mycotoxins found in horse feeds and forage include aflatoxins, fumonisins, and ochratoxins.

These toxins can grow on crops in the field, during storage, or during processing, and can be difficult to detect without laboratory testing.

Dr. Sanja Trajkovic tests mycotoxin samples in the Alltech 37+ analytical services laboratory

horse galloping

What effects can mycotoxins have on horses?

Mycotoxins can have a range of harmful effects on horses, depending on the type and level of contamination, as well as the horse’s age, health, and nutritional status.

Some of these health effects may include kidney damage, digestive issues, reproductive disorders or suppression of the immune system.

How does the testing take place?

Take a look at how your sample is tested with the Alltech 37+ Mycotoxin test over at the Alltech laboratory in Ireland.


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