Summer Balancers

Feed our range of ultra low iron, Forage Focused™ summer horse feed balancers for optimum summer health, weight and performance.

Feed our range of ultra low iron, Forage Focused™ summer horse feed balancers for optimum summer health and performance.

Forageplus summer horse feed balancers contain no fillers, contain no sugar or starch and only the highest purity minerals and vitamins.

Forageplus Summer Horse Feed Balancers

Summer horse feed balancers

Our range of summer horse feed balancers start with the forage your horse eats and are designed to supplement and match to the common deficiencies in the grass, hay or haylage. These horse feed supplements should be fed to horses on green and growing pasture from April to October.

All our formulas have been created from the hundreds of forage analysis we carry out. Our horse feed balancers are based on the common deficiencies as matched to statistical analysis of our huge database of grass, hay and haylage testing.

The only difference between our summer and winter versions is the inclusion of vitamin E in the winter versions. Since green and growing grass is abundant in vitamin E it is pointless supplementing more, so in order to save you money we just omit this ingredient from our summer versions.

If your horse has very reduced or no access to green and growing pasture on a daily basis then continue with the winter horse feed balancers year round. Winter pasture has limited, to no vitamin E so even if your horse has access to grass year round you should still switch to the Winter balancers in October.

Forageplus summer horse feed balancers match nutrients to the forage consumed by a horse. Supplying correct levels of nutrients in forage, as matched to ratios determined by the National Research Council, is an important consideration when maintaining and supporting:

healthy skin
vibrant, shiny coat colour
robust tendons, ligaments and joints
a strong immune system
healthy muscles
healthy nerves
a well functioning metabolic system
good fertility and bone
a healthy digestive system
strong liver function
healthy joints
healthy structurally sound and robust hooves with a strong laminae connection and healthy white line
good growth in young horses

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