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Horse vitamins can be divided into two groups. Those you need to worry about and those you don’t! Forageplus only stocks the horse vitamins your horse might be deficient in if on a high fibre, forage-based diet.

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Showing all 5 results

Find out about which vitamins you need to worry about here, vitamin b for horses is a perfect example of the need to stock only what matters to you and your horse’s health.

Unlike the broad-spectrum feed approaches, Forageplus – intelligent horse nutrition starts with the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats. We are experts in the field of a scientific forage analysis and this is reflected as we only provide the best horse vitamin supplements that we feel you need to worry about.

Forageplus can formulate a feed plan for you so you can mix separate vitamins into a bespoke supplement. If you don’t want to do this very bespoke approach then our range of nutritionally forage focused balancers contain correct levels when looking at horse vitamin supplement necessities and also if you need a horse multivitamin, they are formulated to cover deficiencies revealed by hundreds of analytical forage reports, is the next best thing you can do to achieve optimum nutritional support for your horse. Each winter version of the balancers contain adequate levels of vitamin e supplement for horses, so you won’t need to worry whether your horse is getting enough of this vital vitamin.

We are happy to advise on scientific reports of forage and suggest which feeds, horse minerals and vitamins are needed to match to the horse fed.  Sometimes feeding horse vitamins and minerals as separates in addition to a horse feed balancer is the best way to provide a balanced diet for equines.