Biotin for Horses

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Biotin for Horses
Biotin for Horses £34.99 or subscribe and save 5%

Key Features
  • Supports healthy hoof growth
  • Improved hoof hardness
  • Maintains normal thyroid & adrenal gland function
  • Metabolism support
  • Support for older horses
  • Supports overall hoof health

Biotin – 2% feed grade with full vitamin activity.

Feed Rates
  • 200 – 400kg – 20mg per day
  • 400 – 600kg – 40mg per day
  • 600 – 800kg – 60mg per day

1 x 1ml scoop = approx. 1.1 grams of Biotin (20mg of elemental biotin)


If feeding an average 500kg horse at the recommended feed rate of 30mg per day, this product should last you 303 days.

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Biotin for horses is a Sulphur containing B vitamin essential for healthy hoof growth. This important B vitamin plays a role in hoof horn quality and hoof wall strength.

It improves hoof hardness and is the most commonly identified nutrient for improving poor hoof quality, including brittle hooves and overall hoof healthBiotin supplementation by horse owners has therefore risen in popularity quite dramatically in recent years.

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What is biotin for horses?

Biotin supplement for horses is a pure horse feed supplement, for a balanced diet, without additional fillers or added sugar. Forageplus biotin should be fed to horses needing to improve poor hoof horn and develop healthy hooves. Correcting a biotin deficiency will improve the rate of growth and overall quality of the hoof horn.

What does biotin do for horses?

Like other B vitamins, biotin is essential in the conversion of food to energy and is found in virtually every cell in the body. It acts as an essential coenzyme in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat and so enables support of growth, performance work and reproduction. Biotin is particularly important for normal thyroid and adrenal gland function.

A study on biotin in horses looking at healthy hoof growth and hoof growth rate in ponies was conducted at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. Researchers J.D.

Reilly, D.F. Cottrell, R.J., Martin and D.J. Cuddeford looked at the impact of feeding biotin at a rate of 0.12 mg/kg of body weight to evaluate the growth and growth rate of the hooves with 8 match-paired ponies.

The treated ponies had a mean growth at the midline dead-centre of the hoof capsule of 35.34 mm after 5 months of biotin supplementation. Ponies that did not receive biotin averaged 30.69 mm of growth.

The nutritional supplement treated animals had a 15% higher growth rate of the hoof horn and 15% more growth of hooves at the midline dead-centre after 5 months of biotin supplementation compared to the control ponies.

Will biotin support hoof health?

The cells of the hooves are among the most metabolically active in the body because they are constantly under cell proliferation, being worn away and needing to replace themselves. For the best hoof care all gaps in nutrition, which show up as poor hoof condition, should be filled.

Biotin for horses is a useful nutritional supplement if you are an owner looking to achieve a healthy hoof. Biotin supplementation will improve overall hoof care and hoof horn quality. You can add this to your regular bucket feed or combine it with a balancer.

If you are interested in other vitamins to support your horse’s health then please look at our B-Vitamin Plus product which contains all the vital B vitamins, including vitamin B6, at high levels in one handy supplement. This is particularly important for helping support horses undergoing stress.

What else do I need as a hoof supplement?

The hoof grows down from the coronary band at the top of the hoof. The major structural protein in hooves is keratin.  Alanine, glycine and the Sulphur containing amino acid cysteine (produced from methionine) are the primary amino acids in keratin.

The hoof wall is well over 90% protein so add extra protein including the dietary supplement methionine will help all horses in shoes or barefoot to have a hoof. Extra protein is often a key ingredient for good-doers.

The outermost layer of the hoof contains a variety of fats and waxes.  When present in the correct amounts, in an unbroken layer, this seals the internal moisture into the hoof structure and seal water out. Essential Omega 3 fat found in micronised linseed is essential for improved hoof quality.

For horses in shoes or barefoot, minerals are essential for healthy hooves. A mineral balanced diet with adequate levels of calcium, zinc, copper and selenium is a must. High dietary and/or water levels of iron,  manganese or sulphate can interfere with copper and zinc absorption.

Zinc is especially important for both the growth and strength of hoof connections and a healthy hoof wall. Both zinc and copper are critical to strong immune defences in the softer tissues of the hoof.

Benefits of biotin for horses

  • Biotin improves the fatty acid synthesis
  • improves overall hoof quality
  • Biotin helps metabolize protein and energy for the horse
  • Biotin Can improve the hoof health of horses that have been prone to laminitis
  • Feeding Biotin is beneficial for older horses who may have lost function the hindgut

Free from any prohibited substances as defined under Jockey Club and FEI rules.

4 reviews for Biotin for Horses

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    A few years ago, analysis of my horse’s feed showed imbalance and I was advised to drop the hoof supplement, up the balanced feed (a veteran mix), and add pure biotin if I wanted to improve my horse’s hoof quality. I followed the advice and my horse and his feet improved. Now he’s finally retired, I’ve had his shoes off and he’s doing fine. Obviously, I’m very pleased with Forageplus Biotin.

  2. Katie Adamson (verified owner)

    Great value for money and quality. Simple to add and horses seem to be benefiting for the extra biotin.

  3. Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    Brilliant supplement for barefoot horses are those that come to us with poor feet.

  4. Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    Brilliant supplement for barefoot horses are those that come to us with poor feet.

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