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Our highly bio-available source of natural vitamin E for your horse. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant for horses , limits the damage caused by everyday oxidative stress. Our Vitamin E  supplement for horses is vital for maintaining healthy horse muscle and nerve function and supports a strong immune system in horses of all ages.

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What is natural vitamin E for horses?

Our Natural horse vitamin E is sold as powdered 25% vitamin E acetate adsorbate on silica and provides 250mg of natural RRR-alpha-tocopherol per gram equivalent to 500 IU per gram.

Vitamin E cannot be synthesized by the horse; therefore, it is considered an essential nutrient. Vitamin E is found in abundant amounts in green and growing horse pasture however between 30 – 80% of vitamin E is lost between cutting and baling of horse forage and this loss is continued while the forage is in storage due to the fragile nature of vitamin E. Winter horse pasture contains little to none of this vitamin so supplementation to equines is essential.

Many research studies have shown that vitamin E is likely to be deficient in the diets of horses that do not have access to continual grazing on fresh green grass, or those grazing on winter pasture. Researchers are continuing to examine the role of vitamin E in horse health, but in agriculture it has long been known that increased supplementation of vitamin E supports immune function in cattle. Research now suggests much higher levels of horse vitamin E supplementation than is commonly contained in many horse feed stuffs will be beneficial to maintaining and supporting equine health.

Performances horses with demanding workloads, growing horses and seniors or horses suffering from problems can be exposed to increased levels of oxidative stress and therefore may require significantly higher vitamin E level in their diets.

The Benefits: natural Vitamin E for horses

  • Forageplus natural vitamin E supplies your horse with a highly absorbable and readily available source of natural vitamin E that quickly provides necessary nutrients.
  • Forageplus natural vitamin E for your horse offers you an easy and affordable way to meet your horse’s essential vitamin E needs.
  • Forageplus natural vitamin E for your horse does not contain other vitamins or minerals. Horse owners can safely adjust the amount fed to support horses with high vitamin E requirements without worrying about causing imbalances.

Forageplus Winter Balancer versions all contain optimum levels of vitamin E for your horse.

Our natural vitamin E has double the bio-availability of the synthetic form. For more information on the forms of vitamin E please find an article here.

Find out more about vitamin E, why it is vital you supplement your horse at optimum levels, at Forageplus Talk.

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A highly bio-available source of natural vitamin E for horses.

Our Natural vitamin E is sold as powdered 25% vitamin E acetate adsorbate on silica and provides 250mg of  natural RRR-alpha-tocopherol per gram equivalent to 500 IU per gram.

This a convenient and highly effective way to get high levels of vitamin E into your horse quickly.

Our natural vitamin E has double the bio-availability of the synthetic form. For more information on the forms of vitamin E please find an article here.

Feed Rates

How much Vitamin E should I feed to my horse?


Horse Type / Body WeightVitamin E Level
For an average 500 kg horseMaintenance needs 2000iu per day.
For unwell or stressed horses5000 – 10000iu per day.
Performance Horses3000 – 5000iu per day.
1 x 5 ml scoop = approx 2000 iu = 4 grams.

How long should this Vitamin E supplement last?

  • If feeding for an average 500kg horse at the lower rate (maintenance – 2000iu) this product should last you 125 days.
  • If feeding for an average 500kg horse at the medium rate (performance – 4000iu) this product should last you 62.5 days.
  • If feeding for an average 500kg horse at the higher rate (stressed or unwell – 7500iu) this product should last you 33 days.

This is only a guide and if you are unsure about the rates of your horse feeds then please contact us for feed rate advice.

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6 reviews for Vitamin E Oil for Horses – Natural

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lyndsi (verified owner)

    I tried this on a whim back in November 2020 when my horse looked like he might be suffering from EPM (and in which it is generally accepted that EPM horses should generally be on high levels of vitamin e). It turned out it wasn’t an EPM episode however, and after about 2 weeks saw a marked difference. Even my vet noticed a difference after a few months on this and was commenting about how well he looked in himself (better than he’s ever looked). Come the spring I took him off (more like forgot to purchase but was a good experiment at any rate) and noticed a decline – he was looking weak and eventually very sad and disconnected with life. Put him back on at a fairly high IU level and, after about 2 weeks back on, is looking perky/bright eyed and “stronger”. I think he will need to stay on this year round

  2. 5 out of 5

    Becky Jones

    Amazing products my friend bought some for her horse and let me also use it with my EMS horse to see if it would help him. Wow what a difference in him. Due to him not being able to have much grass and poor quality grass when he can have it this product filled the much needed gaps. He is an older horse with not a good immune system and this product has made a huge difference to him and thus he seems much better on his feet now and is getting the nutrients he needs due to poor grazing and soaked hay.

  3. 5 out of 5

    sara.brittlegill (verified owner)

    My gelding is 21 and has PSSM which means his muscles can get sore after exertion. I’ve used this product to help his system clear the metabolites resulting from his genetic disease. I’ve tried other products but this one seems to help the most, especially in combination with fats.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Nikkiandcassie30 (verified owner)

    Always fab products, I feed this to balance forage plus Timothy hay

  5. 5 out of 5

    Samantha Anderton (verified owner)

    I tried this after trying quite a few natural vitamin E, products from different companies. This has been the best by far for helping my horses muscles

  6. 5 out of 5

    Gemma S

    I find this really helps my horses immune system and helps keep his muscles comfortable.

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