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Our performance balancers supply high levels of key minerals, vitamins & amino acids to support the hardest working muscles, ligaments & tendons whilst providing controlled energy release. With each feed of our forage focused performance balancer, you will start to see the signs your horse is being supported for high levels of strenuous activity.

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Showing all 2 results

Forageplus horse feed performance balancer, our range is there to help you feed your horses in hard work, are formulated using statistical analysis of the many forage samples we carry out.

We believe the best place to start when feeding horses is with the forage they eat so all our balancers are designed to compliment a ‘forage focused’™ feeding system.

We reference the NRC (2007) levels for horses in moderate to heavy work at the same time as ensuring that ratios are matched to the common deficiencies in forage. Our approach is always ‘forage focused’™ as we believe that is the way to provide optimum nutrition for optimum horse performance and it is this philosophy that enables us to create the best performance balancer for horses.

All our balancers are designed to be added to a bucket feed of the owners choice. This bucket feed will contain energy and protein-dense food. Then by adding in your Forageplus feed performance balancer you can be sure that your horse always has the minerals and vitamins needed to support healthy, athletic performance whether you need to feed a large or small concentrate feed.

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Feeding a Horse Feed Balancer

Want to know the best way to feed our horse feed balancers? Check out our handy video, along with the best tips here.