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Providing horse amino acids and horse protein in high enough levels and of best quality is crucial for optimum health of equine skin, equine hooves, equine muscles and the horse’s whole body system.

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Showing all 13 results

Forageplus stocks a range of amino acids for horses and equine protein to target supplementation for all equines to maintain health, strong growth in young stock and support breeding stock and horses which are in moderate to heavy work or needing to build muscle and topline, whilst ensuring you are feeding the best amino acids for horses and the best protein for horses.

Understand the crucial importance of correct protein and amino acid levels in your horse’s diet

Forageplus offer a wide selection of amino acid supplements for horses, a few of the essential equine amino acids are lysine for horses and also essential amino acids for horses.

Protein in your horse’s diet is so important and this can be provided by adding products such as whey protein for horses or pea protein for horses to create and boost a protein horse feed or you can also feed the required nutrients in a high protein horse feed of your choice.

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