DL Methionine for Horses

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DL-Methionine for horses
DL Methionine for Horses £12.55 or subscribe and save 5%

Key Features
  • Supports hoof health
  • Skin and coat support
  • Immune system support
  • Beneficial for carbohydrate metabolism
  • Precursor to other essential compounds
  • Essential amino acid with limited availability
  • 100% DL-methionine
Feed Rates

For an average 500kg horse – Feed 1 x 5ml scoop per day, or after intensive work.

1 x 5ml scoop = approx. 5 grams.

If unsure of what rate to feed, please feel free to contact us for feed rate advice.


An average 500kg horse  – 100 days.

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What is DL Methionine for Horses?

Our DL Methionine for horses feed supplement is useful for improvement in horse hoof, skin and hair health, immune system and carbohydrate metabolism. Methionine is one of the essential amino acids and major limiting amino acids in the diets of horses.  Forageplus methionine for horses can be fed in addition to other supplements and minerals in a daily bucket feed.

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Methionine is the precursor to the amino acids cysteine and cystine which along with methionine are involved in synthesising several very important compounds such as coenzyme A (essential for fatty acid synthesis), heparin, lipoic acid and glutathione.

Methionine is a Sulphur bearing amino acid and is an antioxidant, critical for delivering lecithin and transporting selenium in all horses.

Why should I feed methionine to my horse?

Forage is the highest methionine containing feed for horses, but the soil upon which the hay, haylage or grass for horses is grown must be properly fertilised to balance the Sulphur levels.  When Sulphur levels in the soil are low then methionine for horses is impacted.

This very important essential amino acid can be at very low levels in horse diets. As there is no known recommended methionine level for horses if it is suspected that the nitrogen Sulphur ratio of the forage is above 10:1 then supplementation of methionine is very wise insurance. To tell this ratio then analysis of forage is needed.

Often if methionine is supplemented to horses an improvement in hoof health, skin health and hair health is seen along with an improved immune system and better carbohydrate metabolism.

Since the hoof wall is over 90% protein this product can help in improving hoof quality.

Free from any prohibited substances as defined under Jockey Club and FEI rules.

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5 reviews for DL Methionine for Horses

  1. Ella Livingstone (verified owner)

    I add methionine to all my horses’ feed as we have youngsters, in addition to the fact that the whole yard is barefoot so I feel that they will benefit from the additional supplementation. Not sure how much the methionine alone is responsible for (we balance all minerals to forage too) but all of the horses have lovely strong crack free hooves and are not at all footy so I’ll definitely keep on feeding it. This is the best value source that I’ve found.

  2. Joanmo (verified owner)

    Delighted with specialist nutritional support for my Cobs really notice difference in coat and health

  3. Joanne Case (verified owner)

    I contacted forage plus when my pony went down with laminitis last year. I have started feeding methionine straight away and have seen a massive improvement in the condition of his feet. Cost effective and easy to feed, high recommend this product.

  4. Juliabrant (verified owner)

    Part of the additional animo acids missing from my forage. High quality supplement, cost effective source of amino and subsequent protein.

  5. Juliabrant (verified owner)

    Part of the additional animo acids missing from my forage. High quality supplement, cost effective source of amino and subsequent protein.

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