Lung Health

Horse lung support for horse lungs centres around basic nutrition which is matched to the grass, hay or haylage the horse eats. Horse lung supplements should provide minerals and vitamins to support healthy function and create resilient and strong horse lung health.

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Controlling exposure to lung irritants greatly supports the health of your horses’ lungs creating a strong breathing system so your horse can be active and athletic.

Sustaining healthy well functioning lungs can be accomplished through a variety of environmental management strategies:

  • Exposure to only well ventilated living areas
  • Steaming or soaking hay to minimise dust and spores
  • Feeding haylage rather than hay
  • Maintaining a low ammonia environment
  • Using bedding such as dust extracted wood chip or shavings to reduce plant fungal spores
  • Wetting bucket feeds to reduce dust

However, if you do have to deal with signs of lung irritation there are many options, including nutritional support and horse lung products for normal lung function. However basic nutrition matched to the grass, hay or haylage the horse eats should also be considered to create resilient normal functioning lungs.

To learn about strategies for healthy lungs and reducing exposure to irritants please visit this page.