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Jiaogulan for Horses
Jiaogulan for Horses | Gynostemma £35.76 or subscribe and save 5%

Key Features
  • Excellent circulation support
  • Tendon and ligament support
  • Maintains healthy hoof function
  • Natural anti-inflammatory support
  • Maintains healthy cortisol processes
  • Cold Weather Support
  • Fatigue support
  • Support for lungs challenges
  • 100% Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)
Feed Rates
  • Lower Rate – 1 gram per 227kg of body weight – twice per day.
  • Higher Rate – 2 grams per 227kg of body weight – twice per day.

Feed on as empty a stomach as possible, 20 minutes before the bucket feed, or at least two hours after the last bucket feed.

1 x 5ml scoop = approx. 2.5 grams

1 x 10ml scoop = approx. 5 grams

  • An average 450kg horse at the lower rate – 125 days.

  • An average 450kg horse at the higher rate – 62 days.

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What is Jiaogulan for horses?

Our Jiaogulan for horses is a high-quality herb, grown and packaged on a small family farm in Southern China.

Jiaogulan is useful for supporting excellent circulation within the laminae of the hoof of horses and ponies. It provides a similar action in tendon and ligaments and supports horses prone to a stiff gait. It comes in powdered form for convenience.

fresh Jiaogulan herb alongside the dry Jiaogulan leaves

a close up of Jiaogulan for horses

What is Jiaogulan used for?

When jiaogulan herb for horses is combined with spirulina it can help the healthy maintenance of lungs in response to environmental influences like dust and mould spores. You can view our spirulina here.

This herb, otherwise known as Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is a vine indigenous to mountainous Southern China.

It is well known in China for its support against fatigue and is renowned for its vitality properties. Jiaogulan for horses maintains healthy cortisol processes by supporting the natural levels of cortisol in the equine body.

It can then be useful in supporting good muscle function and development in all horses.

Jiaogulan growing in Southern China

horse galloping

Jiaogulan works with the bodies natural anti-inflammatory pathways supporting the production of endogenous nitric oxide from vascular endothelium.  This means that this herb is useful to support circulation in the hooves of horses, particularly in the sensitive laminae. 

It is also useful when combined with AAKG to support healthy hoof circulation and excellent AVA shunt activity in cold temperatures. AVA shunts are found in the sensitive laminae and are essential for hoof laminae health and good circulation.

The Benefits of Jiaogulan for Horses

  • The nutritional benefits of horse jiaogulan can contribute to the support of breathing and healthy lungs in horses exposed to environmental challenges such as dust and mould spores.
  • When combined with AAKG  this product can provide targeted nutrition for the maintenance of tendons and ligaments to help support the body’s natural repair mechanisms.  Dr Eleanor Kellon has found this a highly useful supplement.
Fresh Jiaogulan Gynostemma Herb


Jiaogulan should not be used in horses who have active inflammation. Active inflammation refers to the first few days of tendon and ligament injuries or when a horse is newly diagnosed with a lamintic event and still has bounding pulses. Jiaogulan is generally considered safe for use during chronic inflammation, where the inflammation persists for an extended period and is not in an acute stage.

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14 reviews for Jiaogulan for Horses | Gynostemma

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Brilliant herb. Along with management change ( to Track / Paddock Paradise active lifestyle) helped my EMS horses. I mixed with a little psyllium bran I made small “treats”.

  2. Marianne Caffrey (verified owner)

    Brilliant product for my EMS ponies, works well to improve circulation during the winter.

  3. Carrie Place (verified owner)

    This has been so helpful with pain management for problem hooves with sinkage & rotation while helping with abscess issues. Particularly this winter I’ve used it to maintain blood flow through blood capillaries in the feet. As well as support for respiratory function, following issues caused by dusty hay. It is a great product with many therapeutic actions for my pony & donkey.

  4. Sarah Storer (verified owner)

    Really happy with this product, just opened the second bag, used along side aakg.
    Fingers crossed I notice a different.

  5. Katie Adamson (verified owner)

    I used this with spirulina last year for my horse that has equine asthma. It did seem to help. Will be doing again this spring.

  6. Carole York (verified owner)

    Marvellous stuff. I started using this on my pony with. After a week he started mobilising unresolved issues and after 3 weeks he is making great progress.

  7. Carrie Place

    I’ve been using this for over two months now & notice a difference in my donkey. Her feet are growing well, helping with healthy hoof growth. I’m hoping internally with the correct diet & trim, her foot structure is getting a good supply to improve strength & healing. She certainly gives the impression with confident steps using her hoof well. It also helps her mood I think.

  8. Kelly Elliott

    I’ve used this for a mare that coughs and can’t stand being stabled. It’s significantly reduced her coughing and she is much happier in the stable.

  9. Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    I’ve used this for a mare needing lung support and can’t stand being stabled. She is much happier in the stable.

  10. hrbacchini (verified owner)

    Quality product, I have used for delivering nitric oxide for rehabbing injuries and hoof growth, used for coughing as well.

  11. Kate B (verified owner)

    My horse loves this and eats it straight out of my hand. I got it to support his navicular bone and the sesamoids and collateral ligaments. He has been taking this, and AAKG, for a couple of months now and is feeling better than he has for a long time.

  12. hrbacchini (verified owner)

    Quality product, I have used for delivering nitric oxide for supporting vital hoof ligaments and hoof growth, used for great lung health as well.

  13. Mariablumenthal (verified owner)

    I got this for two purposes
    One is in Conjunction with MSM and spirulina for my mare’s lungs in relation to dusty hay and it works great to strengthen her.
    Second is for my IR gelding to support blood flow to his feet, again it works beautifully

  14. Vroni (verified owner)

    I got this to manage joint health in the horse, alongside other things. At the beginning I didn’t notice any difference, but with constant use it seemed to me that the movements were more fluid and the horse more comfortable. I cannot swear this is what made a difference, but it convinced me enough to order it again. Worth a try, also because it seems to have many benefits.

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