Beetroot Powder



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Forageplus beetroot powder for horses is rich in plant phyto-nutrients supplying flavonoids and anti-oxidants.

Your horse or pony will love the taste of beetroot. It can be used to make it easier to feed minerals and Forageplus horse feed balancers being an excellent way of encouraging fussy eaters to eat their bucket feeds and minerals.

How to use horse beetroot powder

When horses find their ‘forage focused’ minerals a little unpalatable some magic beetroot powder, top dressed and roughly stirred into the bucket feed, will make your horse or pony more enthusiastic and enjoy eating their daily feed.

Benefits of beetroot powder for horses

  • Rich in antioxidants, flavanoids, folic acid and methionine to promote overall health
  • Perfect for enticing fussy eaters to eat their bucket feeds and minerals

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Analysis Info

100% beetroot powder

Feed Rates

Feed Rate:
To entice unenthusiastic eaters use a sprinkle to 50 grams, top dressed and then mixed roughly into the daily feed.

1 x 15 ml scoop equals 15 grams

Fed at 15 grams per day this product will last approximately 66 days.

Care should be taken with laminitic horses to use only a sprinkle to entice them to eat.


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