Micronised Linseed for Horses

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Micronised Linseed for Horses
Micronised Linseed for Horses £8.95 or subscribe and save 5%

Key Features
  • High source of Omega-3
  • Natural and whole form
  • Essential for winter diets
  • Promotes coat and skin condition
  • Supports immune function
  • Provides gel-forming fibre
  • High protein content
  • Naturally low in starch and sugar
  • 100% Micronised Linseed
Feed Rates

For omega-3 supplementation we recommend the following:

  • 42 grams per 220kg of body weight daily.

For improving condition or maintaining weight:

  • Up to 500 grams daily (500kg horse) – introduce gradually over a few days due to its high healthy fat content.

1 x 50ml scoop = approx. 27 grams

1 x 75ml scoop = approx. 42 grams

If unsure of what rate to feed, please feel free to contact us for feed rate advice.

  • An average 500kg horse for omega-3 supplementation – 31 days
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What is Micronised Linseed?

Micronised linseed for horses is an excellent food for adding bloom. It is low in starch and sugar, high in protein and its gel-forming fibre can help smooth the passage of food through the digestive system.

It is the high, health-giving natural source of omega 3 content of linseed which makes it vital to add to the diets of all horses at a low level in winter or to those horses which are on either a reduced grass diet or no grass at all. Omega 3 essential fats are essential in the diet meaning that the horse must get them from the food it eats.

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The grass is a rich source but these fragile compounds are destroyed during the hay process and are not present in winter grass. A diet low in omega 3 fatty acids is pro-inflammatory. Hay and haylage are low in omega 3 fatty acids but high in omega 6 so supplementing to maintaining the correct ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 is important.

Why should I feed Micronised Linseed?

Micronised full-fat linseed can also be used at increased levels to add protein and useful calories to horses diets, particularly those in hard work or need for weight gain or to maintain body weight.

Linseed, in its raw state, contains the enzyme Linase, which, in moist conditions, can trigger the release of hydrogen cyanide. This micronised product however not only enhances feed value and palatability but also destroys Linase, so that the resulting product can be fed directly and safely to horses.

The Benefits of Micronised Linseed for Horses

Below are some of the health benefits of feeding micronised linseed:

  • Micronised to maintain Omega-3
  • Improves coat condition & skin condition
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Supports immune function
  • Supports healthy weight gain
  • Protein 23%, oil 35%.

Which type of Linseed is best?

Linseed oil, linseed meal or linseed? We always recommend feeding the whole linseed, as opposed to linseed meal or linseed oil. Linseed oil does not contain the important fibre and unless it has been cold-pressed, is often extracted using chemical solvents. Similarly, linseed expeller (linseed meal) is the by-product of the extraction process, where the meal is left over after the linseed oil has been extracted. The best option, for optimum health benefits, is always to feed linseed in its whole natural form.

Free from any prohibited substances as defined under Jockey Club and FEI rules.

Find out why omega 3 is so important for your horse’s health here.

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38 reviews for Micronised Linseed for Horses

  1. SallyMac (verified owner)

    I’ve had my arab x welsh on this for 8 months now and it is great. It helps keep some condition on him and it makes his coat look fabulous, very glossy and soft. As an added bonus he absolutely loves the taste of it. Another bonus is that it seems to be non heating.

  2. Denise Edwards (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product together with winter hoof and skin and pea protein for a few weeks and my horse has developed an amazing healthy shine on his coat and mane

  3. Jo Wilde (verified owner)

    Have been feeding this for a couple of weeks now and it already seems to be helping my horse’s coat, so I’m very happy with it.

  4. jacklyn clark (verified owner)

    Really good product

  5. Elizabeth Cousins (verified owner)

    This kept the weight on my horse last winter and his coat was super glossy.
    This winter I was late starting to feed it, so his condition has dropped off. It’s started to improve already in just 3 weeks.
    Non heating, which is great. I feed about a cupful morning and evening.
    Love the small bags as it keeps fresh longer.

  6. Jessica White (verified owner)

    A big difference feeding this linseed 😊

  7. Jody Pilkington (verified owner)

    Great product. Good value. Hugo’s coat is looking great and he loves the taste. Also using extra for protein after exercise and this seems to help with his energy levels.

  8. Erin Newton (verified owner)

    my horse loves this! her coat is so soft and shiny since using this

  9. Anne Thomas (verified owner)

    Love this product, our boys coat is lovely and shiny.

  10. Debra Watts (verified owner)

    A very noticeable difference feeding this linseed to others that I’ve used, which have been linseed meal. I’m also feeding less and getting better results with improved condition and shine.

  11. Sally McSorley (verified owner)

    I have only been feeding this to my horse for a few weeks but I can already see the difference. I bought him in August and he was looking a little on the lean side and with a dull and rough coat, and the improvement to his coat in just the last few weeks is amazing. It is now much softer and has a beautiful shine to it. It’s also nice to have something that is helping him put weight on without being high in starch/sugar. Will be keeping him on this permanently I think!

  12. Beth Stanway (verified owner)

    Fed to my daughters pony to add Omega (he’s out 24/7) and also to help avoid sand colic. He also likes the taste which helps with the other powder balancer he has to take in a small feed. Really pleased with his coat. Great customer service.

  13. srmcnally98 (verified owner)

    Love this product – currently feeding the recommended rate for omegas for my two horses (13yo and a yearling). Both have lovely shiny coats and look healthy

  14. Andrea Wightman (verified owner)

    Decided to give this a go for my 22yr TBx mare as she has come out of the winter looking poor, can all ready see a difference in her cost and she is starting to gain some weight. Will definitely be buying again 🙂

  15. Charlotte Bird (verified owner)

    Good product, works well with the laminae plus balancer for my horses.

  16. allybarber (verified owner)

    Great product, my mares coat looks fantastic. You can tell that it hasn’t got any nasty extras. A convenient way to buy it when only having one horse on it and easy to store.

  17. allybarber (verified owner)

    Great product, my horse looks really good since I have sought advice on what to feed her, ensuring that she’s getting a balanced diet. This is just one of the three things that they recommended and all 3 things:- the hoof and skin winter balancer, pea protein and micronised linseed are doing a fabulous job of keeping her looking and feeling healthy. Thank you forage plus.

  18. Joanmo (verified owner)

    Superb shiny coat after 8 weeks. Delighted with specialized mineral balance for my horse’s.

  19. Jennie Stickland (verified owner)

    My horse is on limited grass with soaked hay, this has been great for topping up her omega 3, her skin and coat have improved and she is looking well. I can also safely increase for weight gain through the winter even though she is EMS and PPID.

  20. Caroline Wilhelmsen (verified owner)

    My horse had a few flare-ups and also an overall dull coat. After having added micronised linseed in his feed his skin has been great and he’s not had any skin inflammation since. His coat has also gone healthy and shiny.

  21. Mitch (verified owner)

    I was previously using corn oil as recommended by my vet. Since researching and switching to micronised linseed my horse has such a deep colour and shine to his coat everyone has commented. They are all now switching to this great product.

  22. Sam Bull (verified owner)

    Has given both my horses a really shiny coat, good value for money no rubbish in it.

  23. Sue Good (verified owner)

    Since using this , I note lovely coat condition to my chestnut cob. Easy to feed and good value.

  24. Kathryn Harris (verified owner)

    Feed a handful daily in the summer and my horses coat sparkles. I stopped using it for a while and really noticed a difference in coat quality, she became scurfy and dull but as soon as back on linseed the shine is back. Great that it’s in such a pure form with no extras added and a great price

  25. Emma Jay

    Very cost effective and puts a lovely shine on my horses coat

  26. Pam

    Absolutely gleaming coat. Horses look incredible. Fed with winter hoof and skin.

  27. Beth Stanway (verified owner)

    Pony has been on the linseed since the start if the winter. Despite being fluffy and muddy I am getting repeated comments on how shiny his coat is! Highly recommended.

  28. Carrie Place (verified owner)

    Great product smells so good. Feed daily to both my Donkey & pony. My pony’s skin & coat has improved using this over time. A lovely shine on both of their coats. They like the taste & are happy to eat it. Lasts a good amount of time too.

  29. victoria ashby (verified owner)

    Really cost effective ! very palatable and easy to add to existing balancer. Forage plus assisted me with ensuring pony is getting everything he needs whilst hes not able to graze .

  30. Linda Farthing (verified owner)

    Very hard too see a shine on my palomino who loves rolling in the mud,!, I’m sure there is a sparkle underneath the mud, good to know there are no added nasties in this product

  31. mousey1 (verified owner)

    love this pure linseed without added extras and easy to add on top of my balancers to feed to my two ponies who do not graze. Great prce too, thank you FP!

  32. Catherine Burridge (verified owner)

    I was looking for a product that was easy to feed and value for money. This is both with the added bonus that it also works and has helped my older horse with maintaining muscle

  33. Kelly Renaut (verified owner)

    Love this Linseed really good quality and a great addition with the Forage Plus Balancers

  34. Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    I first began feeding this to help my horse maintain weight over winter as she was prone to losing more weight than I would like as she is already a fine build. I really noticed a difference looking at her photos from last winter and this winter, she looks so much healthier on micronised linseed!

  35. Linda Farthing (verified owner)

    Very hard too see a shine on my palomino who loves rolling in the mud,!, I’m sure there is a sparkle underneath the mud, good to know there are no added nasties in this product

  36. Gail (verified owner)

    Great product that makes my grey boy’s coat sparkle, who needs blue shampoo. Joking aside it’s a great product & value for money.

  37. Petra Langen-Pieters (verified owner)

    Great to find micronised linseed in pure form. Perfect for improving my horse’s coat and help build muscles.

  38. Lachlan Phillips (verified owner)

    A relief to purchase a linseed product that is correctly micronised and stabilised WITHOUT added ingredients! Such a relief. My horse shines like a new penny.

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