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Analysis tests for horses

Which is the Best Analysis Test Service?

Find out about the best analysis forage testing for horse hay, haylage and grass. Understand soil analysis for improvement of horse paddocks and pasture and when to choose water analysis to check suitability for equine drinking.

Reasons to Test Horse Hay and Grass

Reasons to Test Hay, Haylage and Grass for Your Horse

Should you test hay, haylage and grass for your horse? Is this approach one that will create a healthy horse? How do you know how nutrient-dense and balanced the forage you will feed your horse is?

Forageplus cost effective horse feed

How much does using Forageplus cost?

Using Forageplus means a ‘forage focused’™ approach to horse feeding where you only supplement the minerals and vitamins needed to match to the grass or hay your horse eats. 

Forageplus shipping

Forageplus Delivery Service

Forageplus have a commitment to fast delivery of every horse feed order you place with us. The beauty of our web-based shop is that you can order 24 hours a day without leaving your stable or your horse and your order will arrive (barring issues beyond our control) the next working day if you live […]

Forageplus Refer a Friend

Our Refer a Friend Scheme

Save money on your next horse feed from Forageplus and know that you are helping horses to become more healthy using our forage focused approach.

hay bales

Horse Hay & Haylage Suppliers

Hay and haylage are often the most important and the greatest proportion of the diet for many horses, ponies and donkeys. You should look for a horse hay haylage supplier who understands the importance of correct testing of hay and haylage. Find a list of approved Forageplus hay and haylage suppliers who regularly test their […]

little girl with her horse

Using Forageplus Best Horse Feed Service

Using Forageplus™ horse feed service is easy. Horse owners can use the best ‘forage focused’™ approach without any kind of grass, hay or haylage analysis testing or you can use our range of forage testing services for a more bespoke horse feed service.

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