Using Forageplus – How much will it cost for a horse supplement?

Using Forageplus means a ‘forage focused’™ approach to horse feeding where you only supplement the minerals and vitamins needed to match to the grass or hay your horse eats.  This means you get a high quality mineral and vitamin supplement with excellent levels of all the nutrients most needed by your horse.

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How much will using Forageplus cost?

Forageplus equine horse feed balancers are highest quality, equine vitamin and mineral supplements  Our horse feed nutrition products are formulated using scientific forage analysis and reference to the National Research Council guidelines.

Our Winter and Summer Equine Balancers are our most cost effective horse supplements.  We also stock balancers for hoof and skin health, horses and ponies prone to laminitis, lactating mares, young horses and performance horses in moderate to heavy work.

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See the table below to understand the cost per day for of using Forageplus adult horse balancers for a 400kg to 600kg horse and how long each 5kg refill bag will last.

Forageplus Equine BalancerCost per day Days a 5kg bag will last
£0.99 50

Hoof and Skin Health Winter
Hoof and Skin Health Summer
Performance Winter
Performance Summer
Lactating Mare£1.8725

For the cost of using the Forageplus Working Young Horse Balancers with a 400kg – 600kg horse up to 6 years old in light work see the table below.

Forageplus BalancerCost per dayDays one 5kg bag will last
Working Young Horse Summer£2.6420
Working Young Horse Winter£2.8420

See the table below for understanding the cost per day of using Forageplus Young Horse Balancers for a weanling, yearling and 2 – 5 year old young horse which will make 400kg – 600kg adult horse.

Forageplus Young Horse SummerWeanling Yearling2 - 5 year old horse
Cost per day£0.39£0.50£1.08
Days one 5Kg bag will last90.971.433.3
Forageplus Young Horse WinterWeanlingYearling2 - 5 year old horse
Cost per day£0.43£0.56£1.20
Days one 5kg bag will last90.971.433.3

How much might I need to spend on bespoke, customised horse supplement?

Our bespoke service needs you to have carried out scientific analysis of your grass, hay or haylage. You can carry that out with Forageplus or you can send us your report.  We are experts in interpreting forage reports and determining how to match the nutrients needed to your grass, hay or haylage.

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Our interpretations show that on average most forage is always short of lysine, copper, zinc, magnesium and selenium and often phosphorous and iodine. Levels of each mineral depend on each individual forage profile with one customer perhaps only needing small amounts of certain minerals and another needing far more in order to balance incorrect ratios. However for one horse a typical order in summer is likely to be:

  • 3kg of lysine
  • 1kg of bioplex copper
  • 1kg of bioplex zinc
  • 1kg of magnesium
  • 0.5kg of selenium yeast
  • 5kg of mono-sodium phosphate (if calcium levels are too high which they often are)

In winter you would only need to add vitamin E to all the above as all other vitamins will be provided by feeding forage in the form of grass, hay or haylage.

To support healthy hoof function we might also recommend buying 0.5kg of biotin and methionine a d b vitamins. This may be important for horses in an environment which might make them vulnerable to thrush, hoof cracks, frequent hoof abscesses and or white line disease

All minerals are fed in small amounts and so will last quite a few months. In the case of selenium and biotin you might expect 0.5kg to last more than a year.

For example a typical order in summer (April – October) might be as follows:

Foxy is a 550 kg welsh section D type cob in light work. He is a good doer so he only needs 10kg of forage per day plus his minerals in a very small amount of carrier such as beet pulp. He needs lysine, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, selenium and biotin adding to his diet. Below is the amount of time each bag of minerals he needs will last him when they are balanced to his forage.

MineralDaysCost per day
3kg Lysine150£0.10
1kg Magnesium83£0.18
1kg bioplex copper 180£0.11
1kg kg bioplex zinc 105£0.20
5kg monosodium phosphate160£0.09
0.5kg selenium yeast 555£0.02
0.5 kg biotin 494£0.04

Total cost to feed a truly bespoke mineral supplement to Foxy in summer per day = £0.74 pence

In reality you might find that your supplement is cheaper than this, especially if your horse does not need phosphorous or biotin in his/her diet.

In winter you would just need to add vitamin E to the above cost. You would feed a 500kg horse a 5ml scoop of our powdered vitamin E oil per day.

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