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Horse weight: Take Control of the Numbers

Horse Weight: 10 Steps to Maximise Control Now

How do you control horse weight so that your horse maintains a healthy body weight? Horse weight can increase at a fast rate, so owners rightly worry about weight gain. This article will help you with the numbers aspect of the management and control of horse weight. Recent research found that rates of obesity in […]

horses prone to laminitis

Missing link: Protein for horses prone to laminitis

Have you considered the crucial role of protein in the diet of horses prone to laminitis? Where you are soaking and restricting hay for a good doer horse, prone to laminitis, how can you be sure there is enough protein in the daily diet? Protein is key to every part of a horse’s body system. […]

horses eating hay

Should you Feed Adlib Hay to Horses and Ponies?

Do you have a horse which is a good doer? Do you wonder whether to feed adlib hay or whether you should be restricting hay and feeding at a weight level suitable for your horse? Here Forageplus discusses the issue of whether you should give your horse access to free choice hay.

Old Horse Feeding Tips

Old Horse: 10 Powerful Feeding Tips

Many old horses are loved members of the family. They grow old and create a lifetime of memories with us. Find powerful feeding tips in this article to make sure your old horse maintains body condition and health. Keep your equine family friend happily galloping with you for many years. 1. What happens to old […]

Performance Horse Feeding for Success

Performance Horse: Feeding for Success

This Forageplus article discusses the best way to feed a performance horse. Horses in moderate to heavy work, competing in sports such as endurance, eventing or racing need food that will supply good levels of energy to support a healthy weight, but in many ways, this is the easy bit.

grid shot of joint supplements for horses

Joint Supplements for Horses

Joint supplements play a crucial role in maintaining the health and mobility of horses. Designed to support joint function and reduce inflammation, these supplements are formulated with key ingredients that promote cartilage repair and overall joint wellness. In this article, we will explore the benefits of joint supplements for horses, highlighting their importance in enhancing […]

oats for horses

How do I Feed Oats to my Horse?

In this article, we are going to look at the various types and forms of oats for horses and which we feel is the best to feed to your horse or pony.

young horse lying in the pasture

Feeding the Young Horse

Discover everything you need to know about feeding the young horse while it is growing up, with advice for a carefully planned approach.

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