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Forageplus was founded to care about all horses and owners. Our promise to you is that we will only ever stock and recommend the best quality horse feed, made from the best quality ingredients.  There are several reasons for us being concerned to use only the highest quality ingredients in the horse feed supplements we sell.

Forageplus Best Quality Horse Feed Ingredients

All owners who use the Forageplus horse feed analysis services have horses to whom they want to give the best possible care.  Many are part of the family, all are considered precious and in the custody of the owner. This owner demands a good quality product which will promote long resilient health.

Where horses need considerable support to be healthy then the best ingredients must be used.  Many horses are sugar sensitive and prone to laminitis so an understanding that products should be low in sugar and starch and suitable for delicate horses is a must.  Forageplus has this understanding.

Iron overload

Horses and ponies are very susceptible to iron overload.  Over exposure to iron in the diet over many years is likely to lead to a challenge when maintaining health. Forageplus has the philosophy of looking carefully at the total diet to ensure that minerals such as copper, zinc and manganese are balanced carefully to iron. It is very normal for horses to need less not more iron in their diets. Focusing on low iron forms of supplements, understanding how to balance iron levels in hay and grass and bucket feeds is our expertise.

For example Forageplus has been asked many times by our customers how much iron there is in our products. To address this, we dedicated ourselves to identifying what ingredients contained elevated levels of iron and then sourcing the highest purity ingredients to reduce, as far as possible, the level of iron in our products. After completing this work, we are confident the levels of iron across the Forageplus product range are at the absolute minimum level achievable. You can read about this study here:  Iron in Horse Feed Balancers

Where horses need considerable support to be healthy then the best ingredients must be used. Forageplus will only ever stock the best quality products containing the best quality ingredientsClick To Tweet

Low iron magnesium and phosphorous

We only stock low iron magnesium oxide and mono-sodium phosphate after we became aware that many of the feed grade levels of these particular mineral forms were so high in iron that it made a mockery of not adding iron to our products. Find out more about our low iron magnesium here: Understanding Magnesium Purity for Horses

Low sugar with no starchy fillers

All our horse feed balancers both powdered and pelleted are guaranteed to be low sugar and starch so that they are suitable for all horses and donkeys including those prone to laminitis.  We do not add mollasses, cereals, soya, or alfalfa to any of these products.  Traditionally mollasses or wheat products have been used to stick pellets together or improve palatabilty.  We would rather owners used their own methods to tempt fussy eaters so that they are sure that the feeds they are feeding do not contain additives which might be unsuitable for their horses.

Always here to listen, care and share

No matter what you do with your horse we are here to care about you, support you, teach you, search for you and help you find the path to a healthy, robust horse with whom you will share and enjoy many years of fun, success and happiness. An important part of this is you being able to trust us to understand how important good quality, suitable, ingredients are to the health of your horse.

Through our knowledge and passion to always do better we are here to make a difference to horses and their owners around the world because every horse matters to us.

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