Muscle Support

Nutritional horse muscle support is a powerful and vital way of supporting equine performance and horse muscle health. Amino acids and key minerals for electrolyte support and maintaining cellular function can mean the difference between a good and bad day.

muscle support for horses
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Showing all 16 results

Consider supplementing equine muscle supplements and key nutrients if your horse has;

  • Failure to build muscle or loss of muscle mass
  • Muscles which have high tone even at rest
  • Muscle discomfort on palpation
  • Shortened strides and stiff gait

The inescapable component to building horse muscles is exercise. Exercise plumps up muscle protein. It also builds glycogen levels, the storage form of glucose in muscle tissue. Exercise causes water levels in muscle to increase, adding to the bulk.

Where nutrients such as minerals, protein and individual amino acids are not supplied in great enough amounts then the support of muscles may be inadequate to maintain health and develop topline and strength. By topping up additional protein and feeding horse muscle supplements such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins, horse muscles may become softer and easier to engage in exercise.

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