Pea Protein for Horses
Pea Protein for Horses | Organic
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Pea Protein for Horses | Organic

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Our organic Pea Protein is an excellent source of equine protein. It has a great range of amino acids and is under 1% in sugar and starch combined.

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What is Pea Protein for Horses?

Forageplus pea protein for horses is suitable for anyone looking for a quality powder to improve daily protein intake. The amino acid profile of pea protein is excellent – it is rich in ‘branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) and is richer in arginine than any other commercially available protein.

Our stocks at the moment are 100% human grade and organic.

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Forageplus Pea Protein Powder is sourced entirely from dried peas and is the perfect alternative for horses owners wishing to supplement extra protein to their horse and avoid other protein sources due to food allergy or intolerance.

Why Feed Horses Pea Protein?

Some forages are low in available protein due to a complicated interaction between nitrogen and sulphur levels in the soil. Many horses benefit from an increase in protein. Extra protein can help with lethargy problems and poor hoof and skin quality.

Our pea protein for horses enables you to target extra protein supplementation without including extra calories.

Your horse can therefore continue to enjoy ad-lib hay without the added calorie concerns that feeding more concentrates would entail.

Pea protein for horses is great for anyone who wants to boost their horse’s protein intake with an easy-to-digest high-quality protein, rich in essential amino acids. This is a vegetable sourced protein (which doesn’t include soya) that is milk and egg-free.

  • Naturally contains 85.9% protein.
  • No added sugar.
  • Provides 75 grams per 100 grams of products.

Which horses will benefit from the addition of Pea Protein?

    • Horses are on a reduced hay ratio due to needing to lose weight.
    • Laminitis prone horses that require very low sugar and starch protein source due to high sugar sensitivity.
    • Older horses are struggling to maintain topline.
    • Horses that have access to low protein levels in the forage they are eating, can be determined from a nutritional and mineral analysis of hay or haylage.
    • Horses on a pure winter grass diet when protein levels can be low and contribute to hoof and skin issues.
    • Horses with poor hoof wall connection and or cracks. Barefoot horses in particular will benefit with stronger soles and white line connection.
    • Horses in heavy work.
    • Young horses on a forage-based diet which needs protein boosting.
    • Pregnant or lactating mares on a forage-based diet that needs protein boosting.


100% Organic Pea Protein.


This product naturally contains  around 80% protein with no added sugar. Providing approximately 80 grams of protein per 100 grams of product.

Total Fat 2%, Total Carbohydrate 1%, Sugars  0%

Essential Amino Acid Profile – g/100g

  • Histidine 2.55%
  • Isoleucine 4.84%
  • Leucine 8.64%
  • Lysine 7.61%
  • Methionine 1%
  • Phenylalanine 5.57%
  • Threonine 3.73%
  • Tryptophan 1.01%
  • Valine 5.13%

Non-Essential Amino Acid Profile –  g/100g

  • Alanine 4.38%
  • Arginine 8.78%
  • Aspartic Acid 12.06%
  • Cystine 0.93%
  • Glutamic Acid 17.47%
  • Glycine 4.21%
  • Proline 4.36%
  • Serine 5.53%
  • Tyrosine 3.91%

Understand why correct protein levels are so important for horse health

Feed Rates

How much pea protein should I feed my horse?

For an average 500 kg horse it could be useful to feed up to 100 grams. Unless a forage analysis states differently.

A 75ml scoop contains approximately 40 grams.

If feeding 100 grams for an average 500kg horse this product should last you 25 days.

This is only a guide and if you are unsure about what rate to feed your horse then please contact us for feed rate advice. We are always happy to help.

Please choose a 75ml scoop from our free scoop area

10 reviews for Pea Protein for Horses | Organic

  1. Molly (verified owner)

    Last year my pony had a problem with his feet. They had seriously deteriorated partly due to the wet conditions all winter. The sides of his hoof looked like shredded wheat and he was regularly getting abscesses. He has been on the pea protein for 18 months and his feet look amazing. Nor has he had any abscesses since.

  2. Petra Langen-Pieters (verified owner)

    I got my horse 3 months ago in quite poor condition and no muscles. Feeding pea protein has really helped him put on condition and he is already looking so much better and he has adapted well to being barefoot.

  3. welliebootwoman (verified owner)

    I honestly can’t believe the difference pea protein has made for Jake. He’s always struggled to maintain any top line and his feet still weren’t great even though having balancer etc. His whole frame is beginning to change and I can see the training and passive physio actually taking affect now. His behaviour ha also changed and he is so much calmer – I noticed the difference when I ran out and didn’t order for a week. It also seems very palatable.

  4. Molly (verified owner)

    I recommended pea protein to a friend who recently purchased a TB who was lacking in muscle and energy. After only 3 weeks she cannot believe the difference in him. He is more forward going and his coat is improving.

  5. Nikkiandcassie30 (verified owner)

    New to feeding this as I feed it to balance forage plus Timothy hay, but always fab products and service!

  6. Sophie Donald (verified owner)

    Have noticed a difference in muscle mass in just 4 weeks! Don’t want to give away the secret but it definitely works a treat on my boy! Service and delivery brilliant – thank you very much ! Didn’t realise you had to order scoop separately but really liked the fact that they included it with a note so I know for next time 😀 very happy customer

  7. Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    Pea protein was so good for my former dressage pony. At 15 and still in pretty heavy work he needed extra support from added protein to maintain his muscles and repair sore areas. This worked a treat and I will be using it again.

  8. Kelly Elliott

    Pea protein was so good for my former dressage pony. At 15 and still in pretty heavy work he needed extra support from added protein to maintain his muscles and repair sore areas. This worked a treat and I will be using it again.

  9. Joanne Case (verified owner)

    I started feeding pea protein after my horse had laminitis and had dropped all his condition. I have been feeding now for about 4 months and can really see the difference in him. Even on a restricted diet he is finally starting to build condition again. Highly recommend this product especially for those who cannot risk feeding other supplements when you can’t guarantee what their mixed with ! Fab product.

  10. Leonora (verified owner)

    I’m amazed at the difference the addition of these products have made to my pony’s well-being. I was already using the Forage Plus Winter Hoof and Skin Health Balancer, mixed with soaked/rinsed Speedibeet to supplement his forage-based diet. My pony has been on a strict diet and has lost a lot of weight, which is great, but I noticed that he would run out of steam quite quickly during exercise. I contacted Forage Plus for advice and they said this is not uncommon in equines on strict dietary control and recommended the addition of Pea Protein, Flaked Oats and Essential Amino Acids. I noticed an improvement within a couple of days and I’m delighted.

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