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Forageplus provide horse soil analysis. Profound mineral relationships exist in nature between soils, plants and animals. We believe that for your horse to be truly healthy it needs to eat truly healthy grass. To achieve this the soil upon which the grass grows needs to be healthy.

Soil analysis for horses
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Soil is a living organism and as such needs to be nurtured and looked after. It needs the correct ratios of minerals to create the optimum living medium for plants.  With an optimum living medium, the minerals in the plants will be at better ratios, the enzymes and protein levels will be improved and you will be able to feed your horse forage which is better balanced without the huge excesses or deficiencies which may create ill health over a cumulative period of time.

Our equine soil analysis reports allow you the opportunity to test for what you have and we calculate what you need. We identify your surfeits and your deficiencies, from which we can advise how much of which minerals you need to apply to balance the natural soil chemistry.

We concentrate first on the most important minerals, get these right and others will unlock over time. You can’t sort all the minerals at once as it takes time to improve the soil.  Overall, your needs will fall as the soil reaches equilibrium and fertiliser purchases will reduce in later years as it becomes re-mineralised more economically by the biota (the living organism of the soil). This system is based on the Albrecht principles of balancing ratios of minerals in the soil and has been shown to improve and balance nutrient levels significantly.

Our soil analysis for horses will be the start of creating healthy grass which in turn will create healthy horses. Many horse pastures become very acidic. This acidity causes huge problems with incorrect mineral levels in forage. The report comes with recommendations on what and how much to apply to the soil to improve its health. This soil analysis report can be used for any type of soil including your vegetable plot so you can improve the health of the vegetables you grow to eat!