Soil Analysis for Horse Pasture


Soil Analysis for Horses
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Forageplus soil analysis for horse pasture includes measurements of Cation Exchange Capacity, Base Exchange % and amounts of Ca, Mg, K, P, Na, S, Humus and pH of your soil sample to calculate requirements plus trace elements  B, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, Se, Si etc.

With the report comes advice on how best to balance the soil to establish a more sustainable supply of plant nutrients, optimising the quality of the pasture or forage your horse eats.  We provide a broad-based (CEC) soil analysis report of a wider range of elements than traditional methods, plus advice on what to spread, how to improve soil structure and how to stimulate the soil micro-organisms to contribute to the natural fertility of your soil.  These recommendations are based on Albrecht principles which use ratios to determine the optimum levels of minerals for the health of the soil.

Improving the health of your soil will improve the health of your grass, improving the health of your grass will improve the health of your horse.

This approach linking animal, forage and soil management offers a way forward for horse owners to improve their land for the future health of their animals.

You will receive a kit for this product.  You will need to send this sample back to Forageplus.  Postage is not included for sending the sample to us.

Read more about using scientific analysis to test your horse pasture. Or you can learn about taking horse pasture soil samples for accurately identify mineral imbalances in the soil.

To avoid any extra charges due to increases in lab fees please use any analysis kit, bought from Forageplus, within 6 months of purchase.


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