Timothy Hay Pellets



These timothy hay pellets, are sold in a 15kg bag, and are a high quality high fibre horse feed. They are highly palatable. They are ideal as a hay replacer for older horses and suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis with a combined starch and ESC sugar level under 10%.

A full nutritional and mineral analysis can be obtained for this product by clicking on the analysis tab on this product page.

Easy Pack Timothy Pellets for Horses are made from 100% British timothy grasses with no additives or fillers. The pellets are a high fibre, low sugar horse feed  that is fantastic for all horses and ponies and will tempt even the fussiest of horses.

The timothy pellets can be used in the following scenarios:

  • As a guaranteed low sugar carrier (fed dry or wet) for mixing minerals balanced to the grass, hay or haylage fed
  • To tempt fussy horses or animals with a reduced appetite
  • Treats for horse training
  • Hay replacement for elderly horses with dental issues, they can be soaked for even easier eating and good hydration
  • Using in boredom treat balls for horses stabled or dry lotted for long periods of time
  • As a hay replacer to guarantee a low sugar source of forage for a horse, pony or donkey prone to laminitis
  • As high quality, low sugar/starch good quality protein addition to the daily feed bucket for working horses and ponies
  • A known DE level means they can be fed at accurate amounts to maintain a healthy weight on good doer or poor doer animals.

The Horse Timothy Pellets come in 15kg bags.

Please ask us if you are interested in buying a half pallet of 60 bags.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

15kg bag


Please visit this link to obtain a download of the full analysis for this product

Feed Rate

This product can be fed at any rate to suit your horse.

Timothy Hay Pellets can be used dry or soaked as a carrier to feed a powdered mineral balancer.

They can be used as a total hay replacer at 2% of bodyweight to maintain weight or at amounts down to 1.5% to promote slow and healthy weight loss. If you would like to feed according to a DE rate calculated on bodyweight please just contact us for details.

They can also be used as part of a bucket feed to provide a varied amino acid profile and tempt fussy eaters.


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