Feeding Minerals for Horses

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For new customers we send an information sheet out with every sale of Forageplus minerals explaining that although the feeding minerals for horses are necessary to balance the forage your horse eats, horses don’t always think that they are a very good idea. If you are an existing customer that no longer has this information sheet please contact us prior to your next order and we can send one out to you upon request.

See a PDF of our feeding minerals to adult horses instructions here

We believe that we have the best quality forage focused™ horse feed balancers on the market but it can be highly frustrating when you have spent your hard earned cash on a stash of minerals to last you a few months, and your horse looks at you as if you are completely bonkers feeding them to him or her, but we know what you are going through!

When we first started feeding forage focused™ minerals to our horses you couldn’t buy separate minerals here in the UK. Our horses had been experiencing skin issues and hoof abscesses. We had big problems. We tried option after option, feed after feed, balancer after balancer, we even had the forage tested way back in 2006 and had a bespoke supplement formulated but because this formulation did not focus on ratios, the problems the horses were experiencing were not solved. Back then you could only buy a broad spectrum supplement or a hoof type supplement which was just not high enough in the minerals we needed to balance the awful levels of manganese and iron in our forage. We imported the minerals from the United States at great cost and our horses looked at us as if we were feeding them poison, they stopped polishing their bowls and started looking suspiciously at all that came in a bucket.

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Fari would stand on his bucket staring at Sarah with a look of disgust.  Morris would lift his bucket up, swinging it around and chuck it about, spreading all the feed over the floor. Jesta would sniff at the feed and look disappointed and pick at it without enthusiasm. There was also a constant swapping about checking each other’s bowls to see if they were any better.  Sarah cried in the corner! But never one to give up she embarked upon the great ‘how to get horses to eat minerals’ experiment.

Feeding minerals to fussy horses

So for all of you out there who have had the same problem and frustration as Sarah here are a few of our top tips!

You can view our leaflet for feeding adult horses our horse feed balancers here

Don’t let your horse make you give up on getting them to eat the minerals though as after only a short time of consistently having these levels in their body you will see a difference in hooves and health because a forage focused approach to supplementing provides combinations of minerals which have been found, through scientific analysis of forage, to be deficient time and time again.



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