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Hay and haylage are often the most important and the greatest proportion of the diet for many horses, ponies and donkeys. You should look for a horse hay haylage supplier who understands the importance of correct testing of hay and haylage?

Find a list of approved Forageplus hay and haylage suppliers who regularly test their crops.

Hay and haylage for horses - suppliers

Finding good horse hay suppliers

You cannot tell by looking at a bale of hay or haylage whether it contains a good nutritional and mineral profile. For most horses, it is crucial to feed hay that has been tested so this page promotes that way ahead hay and haylage supply companies who have come to Forageplus because they have an understanding of the importance of providing both a nutritional report and full mineral analysis of the forage they are supplying to their horse-owning customers.

Testing horse hay and haylage

Having horse hay and haylage tested allows horse owners to find a horse hay haylage supplier who can give them reports so they can match a balancer and the daily bucket feed and horse diet to the hay and haylage the horse eats.

This approach is vitally important to determine if the hay is suitable for a variety of reasons:

What are a report of horse hay and haylage for?

Reports which tell you how much protein, how much sugar and starch, what calories the forage contains and what the mineral profile is like allow you to have more control over the horse diet and supplement accurately, only what your horse needs.  This creates better health and gives you peace of mind that the quality and balance of the main proportion of your horse’s diet is correct.  These hay and haylage suppliers don’t leave anything to chance, the test so you know.

Suppliers of horse hay and haylage who we trust

We will be adding to the list of these suppliers as they come to us.  The more hay suppliers who team up with our services in analysis and matching supplements to the hay or haylage fed to horses, through our mineral balancing, Forage Focused approach, the better choice owners will have for their horses.

Our top tip to horse owners is to ask hay and haylage suppliers for a full mineral and nutritional analysis which details both starch and ESC sugar levels for both barefoot and horses and ponies prone to laminitis. If they don’t have an analysis which details the right nutritional elements to suggest they talk to Forageplus.

Learn more about hay and haylage testing

Horse hay haylage suppliers who have used Forageplus analysis services

Find out about Devon Haylage -Devon Haylage is a family run business in beautiful East Devon.

Find out about Feetfirst Hay  Feetfirst hay has benefited many horses, ponies and donkeys prone to laminitis.

Do you have a hay or haylage supplier who might be interested in teaming up with Forageplus?  Ask them to contact us to discuss our comprehensive forage analysis for horses and how we can determine the best supplement levels and feeds to complement this forage.

Why test for ESC sugar and. starch when a horse is laminitis prone

Buy tested hay with a full forage analysis report and suggestions for balancing and feeding

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