Forageplus provides an expert online horse feed and supplement shop like no other in the UK and Europe.

Starting with the forage your horse eats and using scientific analysis and the latest research we can tailor make a feeding plan for your horse.  This feed plan is often free if your report is within average norms and matches or nearly matches our range of ‘forage focused’ equine balancers.

If you can’t do analysis don’t worry as our range of high quality equine balancers are formulated from reference to the hundreds of forage analysis we carry out each year.

We can provide analysis reports for grass, hay, haylage, water and soil, and a range of high quality supplements and horse feed balancers to maintain and support the highest health in horses.

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Forageplus provides an expert horse feed supplement service like no other in the UK and Europe their approach creates the healthiest horses.Click To Tweet

Forageplus Sales/Orders Phone:  01352 757777

You can place an order any time from 9am to 5pm over the phone Monday to Friday.  Our sales team can take your order quickly and get it processed and packed for you so before you know it your products have arrived on your doorstep.

Forageplus Enquiries Phone:  01352 700841

If you want to talk to us over the phone for expert advice then be prepared for us to take a few days to get back to you. We do try hard to return phone calls within 24 hours but volume means that sometimes this is just not possible. Even then we will probably want to email you so we can send you to links on the internet which will help you learn more.  We believe strongly that knowledge is power so making sure you understand everything is our aim.

Phone calls can take up to a week to respond to  and take up more time than an email. Emails will always be replied to within 24 to 48 hours and will include links to useful articles and enable a much quicker dialogue.  It is great to get lots of phone calls but really difficult keeping up with them all so if you want a quick answer with lots of in depth advice then quickly email us. We are quite literally a mine of horse information.

Contact:  Sarah Braithwaite or Jo Ellis for horse feed, horse forage analysis and soil analysis enquiries. Our office staff are always ready to take your orders for horse supplements and horse forage, water and soil analysis.

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