Vitamin E for Horses | Synthetic

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Synthetic Vitamin E for Horses
Vitamin E for Horses | Synthetic £18.99 or subscribe and save 5%

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Key Features
  • Easy & Affordable
  • Over 2,000iu per feed
  • A Powerful Antioxidant
  • Immune System Support
  • Muscle & Nerve Function Support
  • An Essential Nutrient

Synthetic Vitamin E Acetate Adsorbate, Silica

Our Synthetic vitamin E is a 50% synthetic vitamin E acetate adsorbate oil carried on a natural silica base.

Feed Rates

For an average 400-600kg horse:

  • Maintenance level – 2,000iu per day
  • Performance horses – 3,000 to 5,000iu per day
  • Unwell or stressed horses – 5,000 to 10,000iu per day

1 x 5ml scoop = approx. 4 grams (2,000iu minimum)

Although providing the same iu of vitamin E per feed as our natural alternative, our natural vitamin E has double the bio-availability of the synthetic form. For this reason, some prefer to feed our synthetic vitamin E at double the feed rate to that of our natural vitamin E.


500g pouch – maintenance level – 2,000iu per day – 125 days

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High-quality synthetic vitamin E oil for horses. A powerful antioxidant that limits the damage caused by everyday oxidative stress. Vitamin E for horses is vital for maintaining healthy horse muscle and nerve function and supports a strong immune system in horses of all ages.

Vitamin E is an essential horse vitamin often short in the diets of horses. This synthetic vitamin E for horses supplement is an oil in a highly absorbable powder form. The use of the word synthetic means purely that this form of vitamin E has been manufactured to a high standard from

Horse vitamin E functions in at least two metabolic roles: as a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that supports the immune system helping to neutralise free radicals and in a more specific role interrelated with the metabolism of selenium.

The increasing use of fats or the utilization of horse feeds with unsaturated fatty acids, which are susceptible to rancidity, warrants the use of higher levels of vitamin E since rancidity destroys vitamin E. Vitamin E also helps to maintain red blood cell levels and to act with selenium in supporting well-functioning muscles.  It also plays an important role in nerve and muscle function and reproduction.

Vitamin E for horses is found in abundant amounts in green and growing horse pasture however between 30 – 80% of vitamin E is lost between cutting and baling of forage and this loss is continued while the forage is in storage due to the fragile nature of vitamin E. Winter horse pasture contains little to none of this vitamin so supplementation to equines is essential.

Research has shown that horses on restricted grazing or without access to pasture and those in heavy work, under stress or sick should receive supplemental horse vitamin E.

Observations of racehorses fed with levels of 2000 IU of Vitamin E 5 months before, and continued throughout the racing season, showed increased stamina in supplemented horses. These horses also showed a decreased recovery time between races with healthy muscles. Vitamin E supplementation improves the breeding performance in both mares and stallions and has been reported to support a healthy sweat response in horses.

Researchers are continuing to examine the role of vitamin E in horse health, in agriculture, it has long been known that increased supplementation of vitamin E supports immune function in cattle.  Researchers now suggest much higher levels of vitamin E supplementation than is commonly contained in many horse feedstuffs.

  • Forageplus vitamin E for horses supplies a highly absorbable and readily available source of vitamin E that quickly provides necessary nutrients.
  • Forageplus vitamin E offers you an easy and affordable way to meet your horse’s essential vitamin E needs.
  • Forageplus vitamin E for horses does not contain other vitamins or minerals. Horse owners can safely adjust the amount fed to support horses with high vitamin E requirements without worrying about causing imbalances.

Free from any prohibited substances as defined under Jockey Club and FEI rules.

Please note that all our Winter Horse Feed Balancer versions all contain optimum levels of vitamin E.

Our synthetic vitamin E has half the bio-availability of the natural form. For more information on the forms of vitamin E please find an article here.

Find out more about vitamin E and why it is vital you supplement at optimum levels at Forageplus Talk.

8 reviews for Vitamin E for Horses | Synthetic

  1. Sue Insull (verified owner)

    All our 3 horses had liver problems some years ago. Vet recommended Vit E in addition to the liver tonic and Mycosorb. We then fed Vit E alongside Mycosorb ever since then. Prevention is better than cure, and we don’t want our horses having liver problems again, so they get this every day.

  2. Becky Jones (verified owner)

    I use this with my horse for immune support as he has a compromised immune system and what a huge difference I found. He also suffers from EMS and this has helped with this massively as well. Highly recommend it

  3. Becky Jones (verified owner)

    What a massive difference this has made to my horse. He has EMS and a compromised system. He has to have his hay soaked so needs extra vitamins to make up
    what’s taken out of the hay and he also can’t eat as much grass as a normal horse so this helps massively

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I’ve tried this for my mare as I suspect pssm1 and saw this brand suggested and the natural vitamin e was out of stock, and already after only 2/3 weeks it has made a huge difference for her, 3 scoops a day in some chaff has done wonders, her topline is returning and her gait is looking much more natural now!

  5. Becky Jones (verified owner)

    What a massive difference this has made to my horse. He has EMS and a compromised immune system and this allows him to lead a much more normal life and be able to go out on grass and be a just be a horse. 100% recommend this product

  6. Rebecca Jones

    I use this with my horse for immune support for the first time last year and what a huge difference I found. Highly recommend it.

  7. srmcnally98 (verified owner)

    Purchased as recommended by a Forageplus employee for my broodmare who is on a track system with hay and little grass, and as I had already purchased the summer balancer. I was worried as my mare is incredibly fussy – but she ate the full amount of the Vitamin E absolutely no issue!

  8. Kelly Elliott

    does what it says on the packet and is great for the performance horses exposed to lots of stress, it’s also cheaper than the natural version which is great when feeding to multiple horses

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