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This Forage FocussedTM equine balancer has been formulated for advanced supplementation of young horses in work, up to the age of 6. The formula has been devised using data obtained from scientific analysis of our many samples of forage and optimum levels of minerals as directed by the National Research Council guidelines for growing youngsters.

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It has been carefully formulated to contain only the commonly deficient Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids found to be needed to match ratios in forage and support optimum, healthy growth of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

All ForageplusTM Balancers are very low in sugar and starch; contain no fillers and only the highest purity minerals and vitamins. The minerals used are of a high quality to ensure against contamination with heavy metals and enable good absorption rates. ForageplusTM recommends the use of ad-lib forage including the straights; Alfalfa, Beet Pulp, Wheat Bran, Copra or Rice Bran with this supplement. The feeding of these straights will compliment both the balancer and the general profile of forage in the UK and Europe, whilst adding useful additional minerals and protein to support the healthy growth of young horses.

We recommend feeding additional Micronised Linseed throughout the winter months or if a horse is on a predominantly hay/haylage diet. For best results, feed 42 grams per 220 kg of bodyweight of Micronised Linseed to provide correct levels of essential omega 3 fat. Omega 3 fat is not contained in winter grass and is destroyed during the hay/haylage curing process so is poorly available to a horse on a hay/haylage diet.

Where horses need further support of the hoof wall, white line and frog or skin, we recommend the use of both our Methionine and the additional Essential Amino Acids in the daily diet.

Where horses are sweating during work, for extended periods of time (1 -2 hours) then supplementing salt at 20 – 50 grams per day, after drinking, will also be beneficial to support and maintain healthy growth and performance.

Please note that to be completely sure that your working youngstock are receiving optimum levels of protein and minerals, Forageplus advises both a Nutritional and a Mineral analysis of the forage being fed so we can check levels for you and optimise your horse’s diet and health even further. .

Forageplus WORKING Young-Horse Plus Winter Equine Balancer matches nutrients to the forage consumed by a horse. Supplying correct levels of nutrients in forage, as matched to ratios determined by the National Research Council, is an extremely important consideration when maintaining and supporting:

  • Healthy growth of young bones and joints
  • Healthy structurally sound, crack and brittle free, robust hooves with a strong laminae connection
  • Healthy frogs
  • Healthy skin
  • Vibrant, shiny coat colour
  • Robust tendons, ligaments and joints
  • A strong immune system
  • Healthy muscles
  • Healthy nerves
  • Healthy lungs and breathing
  • A well functioning metabolic system
  • Good fertility and bone
  • A healthy digestive system
  • Strong liver function
  • Healthy joints
  • Good growth in young horses

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This product is particularly useful for those unable to take forage samples for analysis or those wishing to add further products from a base which contains no Iron or Manganese but good levels of Copper, Zinc and Magnesium.

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Analysis Info

The minerals used are of a good quality to ensure against contamination with heavy metals and enable good absorption rates.

We use particularly low forms of mono-sodium phosphate and magnesium oxide in our balancers.

Read here for info on our ultra low formulation

Oil 3.37%, Protein 16.31%, DE 1.73 MJ/kg (please note these are in Kg amounts)

Each 250 grams contains:
21.8 grams of micronised linseed
25 grams lysine
15 grams salt
28 grams of calcium (calcium carbonate)
12 grams phosphorous (mono-sodium.phosphate)
4 grams magnesium (magnesium oxide)
1200mg zinc (bioplex)
400mg copper (bioplex)
3.5mg iodine
2mg selenium (yeast)
3000iu vitamin E
30,000iu vitamin A
2 grams vitamin C
10 grams yeasacc
5 grams methionine
10 grams essential amino acids
100mg thiamine
50mg riboflavin
25mg niacin
20mg biotin
25mg folic acid
20mcg vitamin B12
50mg pyridoxine
50mg pantothenic acid


Be aware that the above analysis for 250 grams is equivalent to elemental values fed.

The volume feed rate (250 grams) is not the same as the elemental feed rate values (above). Therefore the above figures will not equal 250 grams.

Feed Rates

Horses up to 6 Years Old Feeding Rates:

200 – 300 kg
Light Work: 150 grams per day
Moderate Work: 170 grams per day
Heavy Work: 200 grams per day

300 – 400 kg
Light Work: 200 grams per day
Moderate Work: 220 grams per day
Heavy Work: 250 grams per day

400 and 600 kg
Light Work: 250 grams per day
Moderate Work: 270 grams per day
Heavy Work: 300 grams per day

600 and 800 kg
Light Work: 300 grams per day
Moderate Work: 320 grams per day
Heavy Work: 350 grams per day

A 75 ml scoop contains approximately 70 grams

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