Mineral Analysis

Forageplus reports test mineral analysis for horse grass, hay and haylage to give a full mineral profile of your grass, all macro and micro minerals are included. Mineral reports provided by other companies can exclude iodine or chloride or even selenium.  We include these in our reports.

Mineral analysis testing horse grass hay | Forageplus

This is a report of the mineral levels in your sample showing high and low levels of each mineral. 

Horse Feed Suggestions: Each analysis report will include individual horse suggestions to help you know how to balance your horse’s daily ration.

You will be asked, after ordering, to supply us with your horse’s details, through an online form. This report will enable us to advise on feeding amounts to balance minerals in the daily feed ration.  Balancing mineral levels to the grass, hay or haylage fed is an important factor in maintaining and supporting the health of all horses and ponies.

Carrying out both a mineral and nutritional horse forage analysis allows us to help with weight management, monitor the quality and quantity of protein contained in your forage and assess if sugar and starch levels are suitable for laminitis prone horses and ponies.

We no longer send you a physical kit for the mineral analysis. We will instead send you an instructional email and useful video with full sampling instructions if you live in the UK.

Check out our useful video on how to take a forage sample here.

Please make sure you watch this video before collecting your sample. We will require approx. 100g of the sample that is around a full A5 envelope size, or a small freezer bag full.

Once you have ordered, if you live outside the UK, we will also send full instructions via email and you will also send the sample to us at Forageplus.

We work with a growing number of hay suppliers who can provide you with pre-analysed hay and haylage.

For more information go to Using Forageplus

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