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Hay Pallet Delivery – Terms and Conditions

Product Specification

1.1 The hay is harvested from a range of very large fields as big bales. These big bales are then stored in an enormous barn to cure out of direct sunlight with good ventilation. The bales of hay Forageplus ships are wrapped on a weekly basis and they are not sprayed or treated in any way.

The meadow hay contains a diverse range of meadow species grass, is cured in sunlight and will be a range of textures and colours. The hay may be paler than a commercially grown mono-crop which is dried out of sunlight. Where the hay is compressed the compressing process may make the hay look a little different to a loose bale. The timothy hay is a purpose sown crop. Bales are approximate in weight, variations will occur due to moisture content fluctuations beyond our control.

1.2 The wrapped hay is low in sugar, this means that some horses will take time to adjust to the taste and eat the hay with enthusiasm. Horses that have been used to forage with a higher sugar content may take a few days to adjust to this type of low-sugar meadow and timothy hay.

This is very similar to someone who likes a lot of sugar in a cup of tea. Just give your horse time and they will adjust. A suggestion is to mix other hay that has a higher sugar content with the Forageplus Hay and introduce it gradually.  Forageplus cannot give a refund just because your horse is reluctant to eat this low-sugar hay.

1.3 This is not exactly the same as the last pallet you had received: Hay is a natural product and batches will vary all the time, images shown on our website are of hay that we have sold previously, present stock may not look exactly the same. We try and categorise as honestly and best as we can, however, very occasionally you may find varied plant life such as docks, stalks, thistles and other meadow grasses in the meadow hay.

The timothy hay will have less or no variation. There will be variations in colours also. We see this as a positive with a meadow crop and not a sprayed mono-crop – therefore much better for your horse. At times horses may choose to leave some of the plants, again this is not a negative but part of them selecting and browsing what they wish to eat among a varied meadow crop hay that has been made without spraying.

The outer packaging and wrapping of the hay may vary throughout the season. This is in order to reduce plastic waste where possible. The outer packaging is there purely to help when you move the hay without it creating a mess in your vehicle. Hay is usually sold without any wrap so any damage to the outer plastic in transit is not a reason to claim damages as it will not affect the ability to feed the hay to horses as a feed. However see the storage points below if you intend to store the hay in the plastic packaging after delivery.

1.4 In the harvesting process of our meadow hay, it is possible that small natural debris, including pieces of wood or occasional small animals, may be present in the product. Despite our best efforts to minimize these occurrences, the nature of harvesting meadow hay makes it challenging to entirely eliminate such elements.

We want to inform our customers that the presence of these natural materials is an inherent and unavoidable aspect of the harvesting process. While we strive to provide the highest quality products, we appreciate your understanding and acceptance of the inherent variability that may arise due to the natural origin of our hay. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.


2.1 Storage of the wrapped hay is very important. It should be stored in a cool airy place out of direct sunlight to keep it in good condition and reduce the inside of the bag from heating up and condensing. Excessive heating and cooling down of the hay inside the bag may over time cause mould. If you are in any doubt then the plastic can be removed and the hay stored like any other unwrapped bale. It will have been packed only a couple of days before we send it out and will have been checked on dispatch.

2.2 The bales come wrapped and sealed individually in a plastic bag. Watch out for holes or punctures if you intend to store the hay where it may be exposed to the elements. Holes and punctures are likely to occur in some of the bales. This will often happen during transit and is an unavoidable part of shipping hay nationwide. The bales are small, easy and convenient to move around whilst remaining clean. This means you can transport them in your car with no mess.

2.3 Forageplus can, if you wish, ship the hay without the plastic bag, however, bear in mind that this plastic coating is useful to protect the bales in transit and also to facilitate clean and easy handling when you receive the pallet of hay.  Just request the bales be shipped unwrapped by phone or in the comments box on the Forageplus checkout page. Forageplus nor our hay suppliers can be responsible for damage to bales that are requested by the customer to be shipped without the plastic wrapping on each individual bale.


3.1 Your shipment will take an average of 4 – 7 working days to reach you and someone must be in to receive the pallet. This can take longer during busy periods when the hay is in high demand. If upon delivery, there is no one present then the pallet cannot be left as it requires a signature. We can request that the driver call you when they are en route to the delivery location, however, this may not always be possible.

3.2 Your shipping fee does not include delivery outside normal working hours. Delivery outside normal working hours will require extra payment.

3.3 The shipping company used would be either Aztek Logistics or Delsol, depending on the location of the hay you have ordered. You may be called by or asked to call their main depot to arrange when delivery will take place two to three days after your order is taken. Please contact us if you have not heard from them at the end of the fourth day. REMEMBER someone must be in to receive the pallet.

3.4 Please note that although 7.5-tonne vehicles are used, the normal delivery vehicle is likely to be an 18-tonne wagon. We cannot specify a 7.5 T vehicle only will be used as this would mean we would have to charge you a significantly higher delivery charge.

3.5 If you do not have space and good access for an 18-tonne wagon, then it doesn’t mean you can’t have this hay delivered it just means that the hay will have to be unloaded at the nearest convenient place and then you transport the wrapped bales to your yard. This can be done easily in a trailer or a car. Remember the bales are very clean as they are wrapped in plastic.

3.6 Please be aware that the delivery vehicles only have pallet (pump) trucks. The hay pallet will be delivered as close to the delivery point as possible. However, if the ground is unsuitable and the pallet pump truck is unable to navigate on the ground then the delivery driver will leave the goods as close to your location as possible. This is best negotiated and anticipated before the hay pallet arrives. You must take responsibility for this.

3.7 The Delivery Drivers – Although many of the drivers are brilliant there is the odd one who is not used to dealing with the general public. Usually, these pallet companies are used to dealing with businesses in industrial parks where the access is no problem and the companies have forklift trucks to deal with the delivery of the pallets. However, we inform the couriers of all access issues so all drivers should have been told of any issues if you have told us. In the unlikely event of you experiencing a driver who behaves in a way that is not helpful then please contact us as soon as possible so we can speak to the correct channels on your behalf and make these companies improve their service.

3.8 The driver is not responsible for handling the bags, so please ensure that you have the labour available to do so. The drivers are only responsible for delivering the pallet curb side, however, they will usually make every effort to get the pallet where you want it, within reason.

3.9 Failed Deliveries – Where deliveries are attempted but the delivery is unable to be completed due to the absence of someone able to sign for the goods we reserve the right to charge a £15 re-delivery charge. Please note that you also should check your address carefully when you order.  Orders that are sent to an incorrect address will not only cause you a headache but could also result in you being charged extra for a different delivery location.

3.10 Unsigned Deliveries – We strongly recommend customers do not ask us to leave the order without obtaining a signature. However, where the customer instructs us in writing in the delivery note field to leave the delivery without obtaining a signature we are not able to entertain any claims that may arise from goods arriving damaged or being left at an incorrect location. Not all drivers or companies will leave a parcel with a signature – therefore even if asked we cannot guarantee a driver will do so.

3.11 Delivery Times – the delivery depot will contact you to confirm the day of delivery which is usually before 6 pm. These days can, unfortunately, change at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic delays, however, this is very rare. It is not possible to choose an exact time slot for the delivery and you should make sure you are present on the chosen day up until 6 pm.

3.12 In case of a website error in calculating shipping costs Forageplus have the right to amend the shipping and request an additional charge if needed. Please note that there is no local pick up of hay on a pallet and this product never qualifies for free shipping.

Shipping Costs & Charges

4.1 We offer the estimated shipping cost for your pallet on each product page under the ‘deliveries’ tab. We try to keep these costs as accurate as possible, however, prices may vary due to current fuel charges that fluctuate throughout the year. Please ensure to check the shipping charge with a member of staff before proceeding with your order.


5.1 Once we have accepted your order, we can only refund your order up to the time when the pallet is booked in for delivery. Once booking for pallet delivery has been entered, we are unable to provide a full refund unless the product is faulty and then the below terms apply. If you wish to cancel your order after the hay has already been booked in with the courier, there will be a return delivery charge and additional handling fee deducted from any refund amount due, along with the original cost of shipping.

5.2 If you find the goods unsuitable or you are not totally satisfied, providing you notify us within 3 working days from receipt of the goods and you return your order to our supplier unsoiled, unopened, unused and in the original packaging you will be entitled to a full refund.

5.3 You will be required to arrange and pay for the return shipping to the supplier in the UK.

5.4 Until the supplier has received the hay and inspected it for the reasons it has been returned you will not receive a refund.  The refund shall not include the original shipping cost unless the hay is found to be other than the descriptions above.  Horses not eating the hay is not a reason for a refund

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