Water Analysis

Horse DrinkingTest your horses drinking water. Horse water analysis is important because the mineral composition of horse drinking water can be an important consideration when formulating diets for horses to maintain health and provide information to horse owners who have horses with metabolic disorders, especially laminitis.

Horse water analysis will provide a report to show whether levels of both essential and antagonistic elements. If your water source is from a spring or bore hole then it makes intelligent sense to check levels to ensure the optimum nutritents are being ingested.

Some water can be particularly high in iron, manganese or aluminium. Our horse water analysis covers 16 elements and gives you important information on water pH plus comments to aid interpretation. We can include the results in formulating a bespoke feed plan for your horse.

Where high levels of some minerals cause oxidative stress in the body we can then increase the levels of anti-oxidants fed, notably selenium, copper and vitamin E, thus maintaining and optimising health. This test is carried out by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

We send you a kit with full sampling instructions with this order.

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