Is your Horse a Vet’s Dream or a Healthy Dream?

A talk by Sarah Braithwaite on the fascinating impact of soil health and grass health upon horses and ponies. The main ideas will cover How incorrectly balanced nutrition, as matched to the grass or hay eaten in the daily diet, are responsible for many common horse problems such as hoof problems, tendon and ligament issues, […]

Salt in Horse Feed Balancers

Do you need salt in horse feed balancers and your horse’s daily diet? If salt is in horse feed balancers will it degrade the vitamins and minerals in the supplement? Forageplus answers your questions here. Dr Lee Proctor is our Technical Manager with a PhD in organic chemistry and a highly qualified pharmaceutical chemist. Here […]

2016 Forageplus Christmas Deliveries and Times

To enable you to plan your horse feed supplement needs from Forageplus over the holiday period please take note of the following Christmas deliveries and times for placing your orders. Horse Forage, Soil or Water Analysis from Forageplus The last date to order forage, soil or water analysis so that the results can get to […]

Glucose in Egusin SLH and 250

Some owners can be concerned that the Egusin products contain dextrose/glucose. Dextrose/glucose are included in the Egusin products to increase the uptake of salts and minerals from the intestinal lumen. To allow you to understand the impact that this small amount of sugar might have on your horse we have explained what the amounts mean […]

Duplicate Order System

Here at Forageplus, Intelligent Horse Nutrition, the home of Forage Focused minerals for horses we are always trying to help you save time by simplifying the order process on our website. The more time you have the more time you have for riding and being with your horse! Now you have the option to duplicate your […]

Our Fast Delivery Service

Take advantage of free shipping on orders over £80, under this amount we have a flat rate of £8.50 for anywhere in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland but including the Highlands and Islands).  That £8.50 will also allow you to ship up to 27kg in weight, in one parcel, and is a 24 hour service. We pride […]

Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our Forageplus. We are a Welsh horse feed supplement company and we specialise in a horse nutrition approach which starts with the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats. Find out about who Forageplus are About Forageplus pages will give you information about our company, team and philoposphy. Company Team Philosophy How to […]

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