About Forageplus

The Forageplus™ approach is based on the forage your horse eats. We can advise you on how to match the feed your horse eats to the forage eaten. We pride ourselves on excellent service using the latest equine nutrition knowledge and scientific forage analysis to test grass, hay, haylage water and soil.

About Forageplus

Our service to our customers is founded on a passion for the whole horse. We care about every horse and every horse owner and have a commitment to sharing our learning journey and our knowledge with all equine owners so that they can choose the best possible care for their horses.

No matter what you do with your horse we are here to care about you, support you, teach you, search for you and help you find the path to a healthy, robust horse with whom you will share and enjoy many years of fun, success and happiness.

We are here to make a difference to horses and their owners around the world because every horse matters to us.

Find out about how we care and share for you and your horse

Just like humans, horses need adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrate, fats, minerals and vitamins. For the vast majority of horses forage will supply all these elements apart from tweaking for a few minerals and vitamins.

At Forageplus™ we know a good diet should always start with forage.  The horse’s digestive system evolved over a very long time to a design that is geared to extract available calories from high fibre foods by hindgut fermentation. The base of the diet for EVERY class of horse should be pasture or hay or haylage.  However domestication creates forage drawbacks. Our horses often live in very small areas eating from pasture which may have far too much or far too little of certain minerals.

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The hay or haylage we give our horses will almost certainly have incorrect levels of minerals. Our Forage Focused™ approach allows you to add to your forage, safe in the knowledge that rather than buying a bag of feed or a supplement off the shelf, using a broad spectrum approach, you have scientifically analysed your horse’s diet to add only that which optimises health and performance. Your horse is then provided with a forage focused supplement.

Forageplus creates balanced horse feed and supplements

Forageplus feed plans will help ensure that the mineral ratios are at their optimum, to lessen the chance that too much of one mineral is blocking the absorption of another. For example a high iron intake in comparison to copper and zinc has been shown to depress the absorption of copper and zinc. Correct levels of copper and zinc, for example, help maintain healthy tendons and ligaments, good coat colour and strong hoof integrity.

For horses in hard work we can suggest the most suitable concentrate feeds to maintain the vital nutritional balance which will guarantee optimum performance.  Other feed systems rely on a broad spectrum approach which fails to take into account of the major impact that forage has on the horse’s system.


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