Free Shipping on Forageplus Winter Balancers

Match your winter horse feed minerals and vitamins to the grass, hay and haylage your horse eats with a Forageplus free shipping offer valid for 24 hours. Our intelligent nutrition approach starts with the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats and matches horse vitamins and minerals, through scientific analysis and reference to NRC daily requirements and […]

Mycosorb for Horses – Coupon Code

Autumn brings more chance of mycotoxin exposure and horses react in different ways to this fungus born challenge. Feeding Mycosorb for a period of time through the autumn period can be helpful to support healthy skin, digestion and resilience in all horses and ponies because feeding Mycosorb reduces mycotoxin absorption in the horse. Never miss a […]

Forageplus Level 5 Sponsorship Entries

Help us find our Level 5 Team Forageplus Sponsorship winner.  Forageplus horse sponsorship is inclusive for all, no matter whether you are a happy hacker or a successful rider in competition. Forageplus has an ethos of whole horse health for all horses and we value anyone who is passionate about horses. For us anyone who […]

Summer Horse Feed Balancer – Coupon Code

Forageplus stock a range of equine balancers which supply horse vitamins and minerals for support and maintenance of itch free skin and the healthiest hooves, both barefoot and shod. All our horse feed balancers are formulated using statistical analysis of the many forage samples we carry out. Find out more about summer horse feeding here […]

10% Discount Horse Feed Balancer Combination

10% discount on horse feed balancer combination of 25kg or over for feeding horses vitamins and minerals matched to the grass, hay or haylage they eat. Our horse nutrition system starts with the forage your horse eats. Find out more here. All Forageplus horse feed supplements are low sugar, low starch, highest quality and suitable […]

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