Using Forageplus to Analyse Horse Grass, Hay and Haylage

Forageplus can analyse horse grass, hay and haylage for all horse owners. Our service is quick, reliable and simple.

analyse horse grass hay and haylage forageplus

Horse owners throughout the UK and Europe can just choose the analysis required and make payment. We send instructions to you once we have received your order.

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Choose full mineral or nutritional analysis for horses

You can choose from full mineral or nutritional analysis (NIR or wet chemistry).  You can use Forageplus to analyse grass, hay or haylage.  We do not tend to offer nutritional analysis of grass because the values can fluctuate due to time of day, temperature and time of year. Analysis of both nutritional and mineral elements of horse grass, hay and haylage normally takes around two weeks. Once we receive the results we will email you.

Nutritional Analysis for Horses

If you wish to know the feed energy value (DE – calories), sugar/starch and protein levels of your forage then choose the Nutritional Analysis.  Our nutritional analysis reports sugar as WSC, ESC and starch, this is particularly important if you are testing your hay or haylage to see if it is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. We offer two types of nutritional analysis, NIR which uses a statistical model and Wet Chemistry which uses traditional laboratory techniques.

Mineral Analysis for Horses

If you wish to know the mineral levels of your forage choose the Full Mineral Analysis. Our mineral analysis covers all the major minerals including chloride and all the trace minerals, including selenium and iodine. Our analysis also includes dry matter content which must be reported if the report for horse grass, hay and haylage is going to be able to be used accurately for calculating amounts of each nutrient in the horse diet.

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Protein Quality for Horses

If you carry out both a nutritional and a full mineral analysis report to analyse horse hay or haylage then we also calculate the protein quality of your forage.  This is important as sometimes hay and haylage can be high in nitrates.

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Please note that the reports you receive do not contain any feed advice but are very comprehensive, with detailed information and graphs to explain to you what your analysis means for your horse. We are also always ready to help you interpret the reports and are happy for you to ask us questions so that we can use our expertise to advise you how to feed your horse for the best health.

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If you can’t carry out a forage analysis then take advantage of our comprehensive range of equine balancers which have been formulated to be nutritionally focused to the common deficiencies in horse grass, hay and haylage. We have formulated these balancers from the hundreds of analysis we have done for clients over the years and careful consideration of Nutrient Requirement Council minimums and ratios for all nutrients.

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