Coupon Double Discount Forageplus Horse Feed Balancer

A hot double 20% product discount coupon for you on Winter and Summer Hoof and Skin Health horse feed balancers. The best horse supplements for optimum hoof and skin health. Suitable for all horses and ponies prone to laminitis



Coupon Double Discount Forageplus Horse Feed Balancer

Forageplus horse feed balancers contain super high quality ingredients, matched to the grass and hay your horse eats, with the lowest iron and the lowest sugar and starch you can get. Both these horse feed balancers supply horse minerals and vitamins for support and maintenance of itch free skin and the healthiest hooves, both barefoot and shod.

Find out about our ‘forage focused’™ philosophy here

We believe the best place to start when feeding horse supplements is with the hay, haylage or grass they eat so our horse feed balancers with vitamins and minerals for horses are designed to compliment a ‘forage focused’™ feeding system.

I have used the Hoof and Skin Health Balancer for two years now, after being recommended by Mark Johnson, my farrier / trimmer. The horse’s hooves have just continued to improve. After 10 years in shoes I never thought I would have a horse I could ride barefoot with confidence.    Mandy A

Forageplus Winter and Summer Hoof and Skin Health horse feed balancers supply optimum levels of horse vitamins and minerals as matched to grass and hay and ratios determined by the National Research Council.

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Supplying the correct levels of nutrients for horses, as matched to the forage eaten, is an important consideration when maintaining and supporting:

healthy structurally sound, crack and brittle free, robust hooves with a strong laminae connection
healthy frogs
healthy skin
vibrant, shiny coat colour without coat bleaching
robust tendons, ligaments and joints
a strong immune system
healthy muscles
healthy nerves
healthy lungs and breathing
a well functioning metabolic system
good fertility and bone
a healthy digestive system
strong liver function
healthy joints
good growth in young horses

How do we formulate our horse feed balancers to match grass, hay and haylage



This offer is valid for 48 hours starting midday Tuesday 16th April 2019, finishing midday Thursday 18th April 2019. The 20% discount applies to multiples and combinations of 5kg pouches of Forageplus Hoof & Skin Health SUMMER and WINTER horse feed balancer (while stocks last).
Just order the number of 5kg packs you need and use the coupon code fphotdouble1 when you check out

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