Badminton Dream

Jo Ellis Badminton 2013Devon has been powered by Forageplus minerals ever since the company  started. He has reversed the signs of nutrient deficiency he had been showing such as itchiness, coat fade and poor foot quality.

We have fed both the Performance Balancer and also separate minerals matched to a forage analysis.

We have competed in all disciplines of equestrian sport with some measure of success so decided in 2011 to have a seasons affiliated eventing before I got too old!

While getting Devon fit for the cross country Forageplus helped me enormously with energy replenishment strategies so my horse looked and performed better each event with superb recovery.

We were lucky enough to qualify for the Badminton Grassroots championship to be held in 2012. Preparation was excellent, again powered by Forageplus balanced minerals and fitness recovery strategies but sadly the rain meant the competition was cancelled. A year later and slightly less prepared we competed at Badminton.

Thanks to several years of tailored Forageplus nutrition and performance work Devon had a level of underlying fitness which meant the lack of fast work had little effect on his ability to gallop across the parkland. He felt awesome throughout and finished full of running. Finishing on his dressage score we came 7th and fulfilled a lifetime dream I never thought possible.

It’s a testament to the knowledge within Forageplus, their team’s dedication and drive that Devon performed so well on so little training and our thanks go out to her and her wonderful company. Thank you for sharing our dream.

If you are interested in the way that Forageplus might help your horse improve their performance then contact Sarah.

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