Caltastic Performance Horse!

Cal at a riding club camp in March 2013 – powered by a forage based diet and a bespoke mineral mix designed by Forageplus. He’s blooming with health, calm but with plenty of energy, and jumping for fun.

Fran Mcnicols and Cal, Forageplus minerals are helping their performance reach new heights!

Cal is an 8 year old Irish Sports Horse. I bought him 2 years ago as a youngster to event but in January last year he broke a carpal bone. Eight weeks in a splint were followed by more box rest, then in-hand work, a slow return to ridden work and jumping by November. I am pretty sure he was predisposed to the injury by his very flat feet so tried remedial shoeing, and then as his heels got more and more run under, took the decision to try him barefoot to improve his foot structure and balance.

Forageplus have advised me on feeding plans for both my horses for 5 years now. Paddy, my other horse hunts and events and is in heavy work.  He is also barefoot and his feet are amazing.

fran and cal

The service Forageplus provide is great.  The ongoing advice is given with a smile and as needed.  The website is quick and easy to use. I have learned a lot from the team at Forageplus over the years about feeding horses for optimum health and performance and would tell anyone to contact the company for advice and support, and to use the products they stock.

Fran Mcnicol

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Photograph opposite courtesy of Carol Corbett Photography