Can I Feed my Horse Too Much Selenium?

If you would like to find out about selenium for your horse then Forageplus can help answer your questions. Can you feed too much of this mineral and what is the best way to know how much is in your horse’s daily diet? Selenium for Horses Yes you can certainly feed too much to horses.  […]

Is my Horse Diet Balanced with a Horse Balancer or Feed?

Many owners want to understand the balance of their horse’s feed better and ask the question “Is my horse diet balanced with a commercial balancer or feed?”.  Understanding if the feed balancer and bagged feed your horse eats matches grass and hay is an important consideration for long term health and horse resilience. Is my […]

Electrolyte Supplements for Horses

Understand Electrolyte Supplementation for Horses Forageplus discusses how to understand what levels of the electrolyte minerals you need to feed to horses. Electrolyte supplements for horses are important when a horse sweats or eats forage that is short of electrolyte minerals. So how is it best to support your horse with the electrolyte minerals it […]

Natural versus Synthetic Vitamin E for Horses

Would you like to know about natural versus synthetic Vitamin E for horses.  Is there a difference between the two forms of vitamin E for horses? Which form of vitamin E is best to feed to your horse? Find out what vitamin E actually is and the difference between the synthetic and natural versions. Vitamin E […]

Endocrinopathic Laminitis by Dr Jaini Clougher

Equine laminitis is a devastating condition creating a medical emergency that can wreak havoc with any horse. Signs of laminitis do not always appear as the classic, rocked-back laminitic stance and bounding digital pulses. Low-grade laminitis can smoulder away with symptoms that are often not recognized by horse owners. A horse with low-grade laminitis episodes […]

Should I Feed Wheat Bran to my Horse?

Many owners we talk to are scared of feeding wheat bran. Horse wheat bran has gone from a widely used horse food to one which has had the ‘undesirable’  and ‘old-fashioned’ label attached to it. Widely criticised for being a by product and being ‘imbalanced’ we feel the claims that it should not be fed […]

Should I feed Beet Pulp to my Horse?

There seem to be a lot of myths about beet pulp doing the rounds on the forums and Facebook pages and groups.  Strangely there are lots of people who are very anti-beet pulp and that is a shame because it is a great feed for horses. Beet pulp for horses The Forageplus horses all eat […]

Vitamins for Horses: What Do Horses Need?

What vitamins do horses need in their daily diet? Learn about what vitamins are and why they are vitally important at the right levels in both summer and winter horse feeding. Understand what vitamins you need to focus on supplementing and what will be provided through the forage, hay, haylage or grass in the diet. […]

What to Feed Horses!

Learn about how to create the healthiest horse through feeding nutrition targeted to the grass and hay your horse eats. Watch a free video and understand how to support the strongest health so you and your horse can enjoy many happy and healthy years together. Here at Forageplus we believe that learning is our journey, […]

Nitrate Toxicity in Horse Hay or Haylage

Learn about nitrate toxity in horse hay or haylage and how forage testing can help determine the quality of the protein in horses’ daily diets. Good quality forage with fully formed protein is essential for health and maintenance of robust body systems. We are constantly researching into aspects of forage. We are suspicious that many […]

Magnesium Oxide or Magnesium Chloride?

Magnesium Oxide or Magnesium Chloride which is best form of magnesium for horses? There does appear to be better absorption of magnesium chloride compared to magnesium oxide but should you feed magnesium oxide or magnesium chloride? The answer is not clear cut by any means. Here we give you the science behind the reason we […]

Find a Horse Hay Haylage Supplier

Hay and haylage are often the most important and the greatest proportion of the diet for many horses, ponies and donkeys. You should look for a horse hay haylage supplier who understands the importance of correct testing of hay and haylage? Find a list of approved Forageplus hay and haylage suppliers who regularly test their […]

What to Feed Horses Video

Forageplus horse feeding service is founded on a passion for the whole horse. We care about every horse and every horse owner and have a commitment to sharing our learning journey and our knowledge with all equine owners so that they can choose the best possible care for their horses. Watch the video about Sarah’s […]

Should you Feed your Horse Seaweed?

Should you feed your horse seaweed? Is seaweed healthy for your horse? Many people allow horses free access to seaweed, others feed only a small amount or none at all. This article will give you information about why feeding seaweed to your horse should be carefully considered. When to supplement seaweed to horses and why […]

Forageplus Joint-Plus

Support horse joints with a high strength, high quality joint formula with optimum ratios of the most important  ingredients for healthy, functional equine mobility. Buy Joint-Plus Equine Mobility Supplement Forageplus high strength, Joint-Plus equine mobility supplement is a winner when it comes to supplying your horse with useful ratios of all the ingredients which have been shown […]

Feeding Minerals for Horses

For new customers we send an information sheet out with every sale of Forageplus minerals explaining that although the feeding minerals for horses are necessary to balance the forage your horse eats, horses don’t always think that they are a very good idea. If you are an existing customer that no longer has this information […]

Understanding Magnesium Purity for Horses

When you start to buy separate minerals you quickly find that understanding the purity, percentage, elemental composition and the trace element content of items like magnesium oxide can be very confusing.  Many sellers describe their products as 99.9% pure but what exactly does this mean? This brief article has been written to help explain some […]

Protein and Amino Acids

Do you understand protein and amino acids for horses? This short article helps you understand what protein is and what amino acids your horse needs for whole horse health. Proteins are literally life and are possibly the most important substances in the body. Protein is the building blocks for life, and when new tissues are […]

The Importance and Benefits of Lysine for your horse.

Lysine is an essential amino acid often short in horse grass and hay.  In this article Forageplus discusses the importance of lysine for horses which is an essential amino acid contained in the protein found in the horse’s daily diet. The article explains why good levels of lysine supplementation are necessary for all horses but […]

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