Taking on the Challenge at the Grand Age of 27!

My wonderful horse Fröyko is a 27-year-old gelding from the North of Norway, a Nordlandic horse (a breed in its own right and said to be the forefather of the Icelandic horse). He and I live in Sweden. Fröyko is a very safe and capable horse. He loves trail rides and is a brilliant jumper. In […]

Clare and Bob – The Dressage Team

I just wanted to share  my experience of using Forageplus services and products in a livery yard situation. I keep my horse, Bob (Felton Regal Rex) in a medium sized livery yard in Cheshire where I have little control over what is done to the pasture or where my haylage comes from. I imagine this […]

Badminton Dream

Devon has been powered by Forageplus minerals ever since the company  started. He has reversed the signs of nutrient deficiency he had been showing such as itchiness, coat fade and poor foot quality. We have fed both the Performance Balancer and also separate minerals matched to a forage analysis. We have competed in all disciplines […]

Bog-pony is less spooky!

  Meet Bog-pony and Kitty who after competing up to elementary dressage and proving themselves in unaffiliated classes, have made the jump to affiliated competition. They are definitely not shy of a challenge. The Bog-pony and Kitty have begun to learn half pass and have even started working on flying changes (these are very exciting) […]

Enterprizingfootwork – what a laminitis recovery!

This is a story of the power of optimum nutrition, great foot care and awesome management. Well done Louise Parker, now you can sit on your saddle and enjoy!   Thank you to Dr Kellon for all her knowledge which she shares so readily.  The information she has taught us at Forageplus was crucial in […]

Rowan – Looking fabulous on Forageplus!

The Equine Grass Sickness Fund asked us to donate to their raffle. We were only too please to supply a pack of our balancer to help raise funds to research into this debilitating disease. Sian and Rowan were the lucky winners. Rowan was diagnosed with Cushings (PPID) last year and Sian had already contacted us […]

Caltastic Performance Horse!

Cal at a riding club camp in March 2013 – powered by a forage based diet and a bespoke mineral mix designed by Forageplus. He’s blooming with health, calm but with plenty of energy, and jumping for fun. Cal is an 8 year old Irish Sports Horse. I bought him 2 years ago as a […]

Laminitis and Abscess Recovery

We have owned Max since he was 6 months old.  He was bred at Torpenhow Warmblood stud on the Wirral and it was clear from day one and his parentage that Max was always going to big a big lad and at 7 years old this year he now has finished his growing and stands […]

Maintaining Sweet Itch Free Skin

This is Nasser who usually is rubbed bald and used to have no mane, but on his Forageplus Hoof Health and spirulina he looks like a different horse and has an impressive mop! The stud we got him from can’t believe how much mane he has grown, as with them he never had any.  In […]

Forageplus powering Ride Bare adventures!

Each year since 2010 Sarah and 4 friends have attempted a Ride Bare challenge.  The challenge is always a long ride where the horses are either bare, partially bare or booted rather than have metal shoes. Each challenge has been a most incredible journey, testing skills of horsemanship and the amazing relationship between horse and […]